Monday, November 26, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 11/25

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My list for the holiday weekend:

1. Eat lots of good food. CHECK
2. Do lots of stitching and knitting. CHECK
3. Catch up on some chores and get a head start on Christmas planning. FAIL


In my defense, I am still not feeling well. In fact, I went to the doctor today, hoping she'd tell me I had a whopper of a sinus infection and give me antibiotics. Instead, I said some magic words ("racing heart") and ended up getting an ECG, blood tests and a chest X-ray to make sure I don't have walking pneumonia! And I still don't have antibiotics (the doc is waiting 'til she reads my labs).

Anyway! You're here to hear about stitching. I'm about halfway done with the hemstitching on Random Thoughts. I was procrastinating because I wasn't sure what thread to use. I decided to go with the sewing thread, although I kind of wish I'd used the pearl cotton...the sewing thread seems slicker so it's more difficult to get a good pull.

The directions said to hemstitch from the front, which is not what I've done in the past. So I decided to hemstitch from the back like I've always been taught:
So from the front, you almost don't see what's gathering those bundles together.
(Ignore the basting stitches there!)

We spent Thursday with my family (and Michael's). We did not throw ourselves into the crazy throngs on Black Friday. I used to go to an in-town mall with a friend and watch everyone else lose their minds while we calmly sat at a cafe sipping hot chocolate, but not this year. In the afternoon, we visited a park in the Old Fourth Ward near the Beltline. That area needed more water retention lakes, so they made the park multipurpose.
There is a kids' playground with some really cool features (I didn't get a picture since it was crawling with kids and I didn't want to look like a creepy stalker!) But there are plenty of benches and terraces and places to walk.

After our short walk, I was pretty well done, and that's when I knew I probably needed to go to the doctor today.

Saturday night we went to see A Christmas Carol at The Alliance Theatre. They always do a fantastic show...Marley flew, the Ghost of Christmas Present disappeared into the floor, and the cast was merry and bright. I was so tired I almost passed out during the second act (reason two I went to the doctor today; who passes out from the strenuous exercise of SITTING AROUND WATCHING A PLAY???)

My stumpwork bird got some love as well. I am getting better with the long and short stitch, but I still have a long way to go (no pun intended).
Here he is with the main part of the wing and his tail done.

And, of course today I signed up for the next stumpwork class. =)

At least being totally incapacitated is good for my WIPs.


Anne said...

Oh dear take care of yourself! I like that you and your friend would go to the mall and watch the chaos ensue with a cup of hot cocoa! So funny!! Lovely hemstitching on Random Thoughts and pretty stumpwork!!

Chris said...

Wow! You did a lot feeling as bad as you do. I hope that you got som antibiotics and are on the road to recovery. That type of cold is so exhausting.
Random thoughts looks amazing, the stumpwork bird..oh my so pretty.
Feel better!

Julie said...

The hemstitching looks superb and I love your stump work birdie.
Get well soon wishes. X

Ellen said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Both your hemstitching and your bird look wonderful!

steph said...

gosh, for not feeling well, you sure accomplished a the stitching; stumpwork is awesome!

woolwoman said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well - glad you enjoyed the holiday in spite of being sick. Falling asleep at the play is just no good ! take care melody

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I'm sorry that you're not feeling well - I hope you feel better soon. {{{hugs}}}

Your stitching is lovely - love the little stumpwork bird!

kathy b said...

Feel better!!!!
I love that Marley flew...

We love the MUPPET Version, each and every Christmas eve

Nic said...

Sorry to hear you still feel like shit. But look at all the stitching you're getting done :)

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