Friday, November 2, 2012

Confined to the Couch

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I woke up this morning feeling like I was coming down with something. Shoot, I barely woke up this morning. It's kind of a miracle I haven't gotten sick before now, actually; everyone at work plus the hubby have been hacking up lungs for weeks. As a result, I got nothing done today other than finishing Lego Harry Potter (years 5-7). (And there was much rejoicing...*yay*) You'd think I'd have at least been able to come up with a quality blog post for today, but this is all you're going to get.

But wait! I do have a stitchy picture! Eye candy's good, right? It'll make you forget about the lack of earth-shattering writing.

Last night before I started feeling bad, I did make a start on the hemstitching of Random Thoughts. This WILL be finished this month!

Hey!! I've finally gone over 200 followers! Welcome! I think that means it's time for a giveaway...stay tuned.

Whilst fighting off a cold, I fought off tiny plastic bad guys. That sounds so much more noble with the "whilst," don't you think?


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well!!! I guess it's just that time of year now isn't it :/

Love your stitchy pic - looks gorgeous :) Can't wait to see a finish!

Shebafudge said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Wrap up warm and snuggle on the sofa!

Congrats on 200 followers - I made my 150 too...woohoo!!!

Sara said...

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. As a retail pharmacist who is practically bathing in the hand sanitizer lately to ward off the ick, I can confirm that you are in very good company. Hope you feel better soon.

cucki said...

I hope you feel better soon dear...
Take care xxx

Shirlee said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Parsley said...

I really hope you feel better. No fun.

Topcho said...

I hope you feel better soon! Those colds are just blaah, and not even a bit if fun! But thanks for the eye candy, it's yummy as always!

Anne said...

Aw Heather...have a cup of tea and hunker down with a hot water bottle and a good movie. That's the best part of being sick...the excuse to watch lots of movies!! Love Random Thoughts and I can't wait to see the finish!!


Chris said...

I hope that you feel better soon!!
Random Thoughts looks amazing.
Congrats on all the followers :)

Melanie said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)

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