Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!
We'll be celebrating with my parents...there will be turkey and tons of good food.  But most importantly, we'll be with family, for which I am very thankful. I'm also thankful for all my blog readers! =)

I never posted a picture of this travelling pattern once it was framed. I thought I'd also share the details of what I used to stitch it (nothing like its original materials):

Fabric: Random 28-count pale lavender Jobelan (?) from stash
(words) HDF Purple
(sheep) WDW Charcoal
(sheep) Needle Necessities 120
(leaves) WDW Hunter
(tree) GAST Dark Chocolate
(flowers) HDF Dark Amethyst
HDF = Hand Dyed Fibers. Please note that I had some older fibers in my stash. My “Purple” is probably more like today’s "Nosegay 2111".

Eat a turkey, don't be a turkey.


gracie said...

Have a wonderful day

Julie said...

Family time is very special, hope you have a fun time.

Chris said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Parsley said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shirlee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heather!

cucki said...

happy thanksgiving dear x

Jean in Georgia said...

I recognize that beautiful piece, since it's currently sitting on my mantel. Thankful for you, sweetie!

woolwoman said...

glad you had a nice holiday with your family Heather - we went with my folks to the gorgeous old Palmolive estate home on the river near my house for the last seating. First time ever we'd not cooked for thanksgiving but times they are a changing LOL - LOVE the Ysolda hat in your last post - gorgeous! enjoy your 4 day - melody

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