Sunday, November 11, 2012

Retro Travel Sunday: Ketchikan

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Last summer, we went on an Alaskan cruise. And while I blogged most of it, I kind of let the ball drop and neglected our last two stops: Ketchikan and Victoria. So I aim to rectify that.

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Salmon capital of the world! Sadly, we ate exactly zero salmon while we were there.

Ketchikan does look like a pretty typical fishing town as you pull up.

And it seems like everyone owns a boat...I was really jealous as I love sailing!

We spent a little time hiking back by the stream...
...and looking at the old buildings.
I took a lot of pictures of more gorgeous trees.
If you look at some of the previous posts, I think you can see that Ketchikan wasn't quite as picturesque as Juneau, or the valley near Skagway, but after all...we were really there for...

Yep, this is another one of those things that you never knew people did for a living!
Two teams "competed," and they did some pretty impressive stuff during the show. Of course there were lots of really bad jokes and loud cheering for "your" side, so it was a lot of fun.
As easy as falling off a log. (*groan!*)

After the show, we wandered around town a little bit before heading back to the ship. All in all, a relaxing stop.
These wildflowers in Ketchikan are foreshadowing the next stop: Victoria!

Ancient travel recap! With foreshadowing! (Your key to quality blogging.)


Yana Hanim said...

lovely photos, so jealous! i miss green scenery a lot, thank you for sharing

Meari said...

Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise. :)

Chris said...

What a beutiful place!

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