Monday, April 2, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 4/1

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Last week at work was marginally better. On Friday I treated myself to a brief Fling. A Spring Fling, that is. Some of the local (and really, really NOT local) yarn stores held an event with drawings, sales and prizes. But, of course, I was just trying to correct my unfortunate yarn purchase. Sadly, I did not manage to find a single skein of the color I need. Ah well, at least I will have something to search for at Stitches South. Maybe that will distract me from random yarn purchases. You know, like these:
Well, I had to buy SOMETHING to get entered in the drawing, right? I mean, it was a giant lovely bag of Malabrigo!! By the way, this cotton yarn is a stunning turquoise color, which I was completely unable to photograph true-to-color. It just looks "blue" in this picture. The pattern is Hypatia from Norah Gaughan Volume 5. I got the goods at Strings and Strands. The owner was so sweet and helpful, and when I told her about my unfortunate yarn purchase, she suggested I go to Needle Nook, which she said had a bunch! How's that for customer service? Reminds me of the Macy's Santa in Miracle on 34th Street. =) Anyway, Needle Nook didn't have what I needed either, but I did score a nice gift for a friend, which I clearly can't show here. ;)

I did say, "these" random yarn purchases, didn't I? Well, when I was checking out at Strings and Strands, I saw this great sweater hanging up, but it was a little late to change plans at that point. Fortunately, when I went to the second store on my list, they also had that sweater made up, with the yarn and pattern right there. Like, right there in front of me. I can hardly have been expected to walk away without it, yes?
Especially since I made the drive to this store because they also had a great gift basket. I hadn't been to Cast On Cottage since they moved from their well-stocked but "snug" location off Roswell's square. I wish I'd had my camera with me, because the new space is really neat. Colorful, more spacious, but still stuffed to the gills with yarn!

Saturday we didn't get much done (Michael had to run sound AGAIN which always destroys the day...nay, the entire weekend!) but we did see Young Frankenstein (the musical) with his parents. When he got the tickets for them, I said, "Really?? Have your parents seen the movie?" Because, you know...Mel Brooks is pretty raunchy. "Oh, yeah," he says, "my mom loved it!" Oooooo-kaay...I am very skeptical but they're his parents. Well, it turns out "pretty raunchy" was kind of an understatement. When you're watching the movie, there's the occasional sex joke and then you move on to the physical comedy or stupid comedy (at least, that's how I remember it). In the musical, they do a five-minute production number about the sex joke (I don't believe I've ever heard the"t!t$" used in a musical lyric before. Repeatedly. Oh my, I can only imagine how often this post will come up in Google search results.)

I pretty much failed on my final day of March Madness, as well. We didn't get home until 11pm, when I halfheartedly looked for the project I'd drawn...and I couldn't find it! I'd show my Friday project, but we had to take emergency passport photos of Michael and he absconded with the memory card from the camera.

I did get a very pleasant surprise. Last weekend I hurriedly shoved some seeds down into some dirt in pots. I had saved some seeds from the super-productive tomatoes I had on the deck last year, as well as some other seeds. I was most doubtful about the tomatoes coming know how sometimes these hybrids won't propagate from seeds...or something. Plus my thumb is not exactly green. Well...!!
Tomatoes! Pay no attention to the barren pots in the back, mmmkay??

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Julie said...

Chorus Line...

Aimee said...

Ooh, I'd love to see the Young Frankenstein musical!

Nice new yarn/projects!! Because you needed more in your queue, right? I thought it was looking a little anemic.

Cast On Cottage was my mom's hangout for the past couple of years, before they moved out here. She loved their new space.

Erin Kate said...

Wow you must be so organized! I buy yarn with just the intent of knitting something haha. :)

woolwoman said...

Loved hearing about the yarn shopping excursion - WoW -I did not know Cast on Cottage moved - Clearly I need to make a trip to Atlanta soon ! I bought some of that Rowan Revive when it first came out a couple of years ago - it is very interesting yarn and yours is a beautiful color. Hope you enjoy knitting with those beautiful colors. Hope you and Michael have a joyous Easter and blessed holy week - mel

Joysze said...

Lovely yarn... and really... they can't hang the sweater with the yarn and pattern out in broad daylight and expect nothing to happen!!! ;)

What barren pots? ;)

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