Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 4/22 (Or, Purl Goeth Before a Fall)

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Know what happens when you write a post where you make out like you've totes conquered lace (I AM LACE NINJA, RARRR!) and give out lots of advice? (Thank you all for the nice comments, by the way! You guys made my weekend.)

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. I clearly am unable to follow my own advice about knitting lace. In my defense, I did try to convert the line-by-line text-only instructions to a chart, but I couldn't make it happen on low brain power, so I decided I was invincible and to just knit it anyway.

We see how that went for me. In my defense, the pattern had a few other problems...i.e., when I was allllmost finished, I noticed it did not look like the picture! And not in an "oops, look at my charming mistakes" kind of way...in a "hey, the designer decided to redesign the pattern and then NOT CHANGE THE PICTURE" kind of way. I will neither confirm not deny that I cast a dirty look at the hubby when he said, "But you saw this on someone else's blog and liked it and hers had the 'mistake', too...so at least it looks like one you liked!" RIIIIIIIIIIP. I think I figured out where to add back in the extra stitches, though, which I'll add in WHEN I CHART IT. I will no longer IGNORE MY OWN ADVICE.

So. I was going to take part in the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, but I kinda decided to do it at the last minute, without knowing what the topics were, and once I finally hunted them down (I thought I'd get an email, but no), I realized this was going to require way more time than I have. The light at the end of the tunnel I saw last week at work did indeed turn out to be a train, and I hate life pretty badly right now, as evidenced in part by my apparent sad tendency to write scary long run-on sentences!

The weekend started out well; we actually had stitch group after a long hiatus, with yummy food and great fellowship, and I actually got some stitching done on Random Thoughts! (You gotta wait 'til next week for the picture; I'm such a tease. =) Two of my DFs gave me a late birthday present; they got it at the American Craft Council show!
I love wearable art! The medallion is about an inch and a quarter in diameter. Don't you love the chain? I've never seen one constructed quite like it. I got many compliments on this necklace as Stitches South.

WHAT'S THAT?? Oh, yeah, rampant stash acquisition...I fell off whatever wagon I thought I was on the MOMENT I hit the Market, as my peeps were right by the Urban Gypz booth.
SUSHI STITCH MARKERS!! And, of course, yarn...wound into cute weensy skeins for the purpose of hexipuffing. Which I will start any day now; look out!

Next I fell victim to Dragonfly Fibers, where I entered the booth and these yarns flung themselves off the rack and attached themselves to me.
SO SQUISHY. I wanted to walk around the rest of the show just squeezing them. Which, in retrospect, would have been a great idea because it might have kept me from buying any more yarn. There was a GORGEOUS example of a Daybreak shawl in the booth (not in these colors), which inspired the purchase, but I think these are actually destined to become a Catkin. And did you see the name of the brown skein???!? NORBERT. Powerless to resist, I tell you.

Speaking of powerless to resist, take a gander at these lovelies:
The colors are a little bit richer than they look here. When I voluntarily expose myself to this level of yarn fumes, I try to take a short list with me from my Ravelry queue so I'm not just buying completely random yarn, and one of the things on my list was two colors of a sport weight yarn for the Tuck Shawl. I don't think these are going to work for that, but I think they'll be lovely as Andrea's Shawl (only it'll be Heather's Shawl). Or maybe Lady of the Manor? Or maybe one of you has a better idea and I'll be all like, "OMIGOSH, I HAVE THE BEST READERS!!!"

My only other purchase is currently en route to England accompanied by other Atlanta-themed goodies. =)

Sunday was going to be one of those days when I got lots of random little chores done and then relaxed. Result: SOME random little chores done, including cheerleading the hubby as he took apart our washer/dryer combo. DANG, that thing is heavy. He is the best, EVER, for fixing it. Or, he will be once that annoying new error code goes away.

He was awfully excited when his renewed passport came in the mail. He said something like, "I think I won! I had no idea I was even entered!"
Silly boy. =)

I came, I shopped, I may someday like work again.


Daffycat said...

Oh my, that is one big pile of frogged yarn =(

Lovely stash to console you though =)

Chris said...

Sorry the knitting gave you trouble, i would always be at this stage or one big knotted mess :)
Glad to hear you had stitching. What a wonderful birthday present. The new yarn stash is beautiful too.
Your upcoming trip sounds exciting!

Shirlee said...

Your blog post made me smile & then laugh! It's always a delight to visit here although with each visit I get one step closer to rushing off to a yarn store (even though have yarns packed away in a box somewhere around here) to start a project! Gotta make a shawl! Gotta make a shawl! Maybe not a lace one though ... something plainer to ease myself back into things. I'm rambling ... not a good sign ... lol! Your medallion gift & your new stash acquisitions are lovely!

Jean in Georgia said...

I saw the yarn fling itself at her.

I also saw a squirrel canvas call out to her at a needlepoint shop. Sadly, she left the little squirrel crying on the table....

Jenny said...

Heather, LOL on the "mistake" story... probably really frustrating for you, but told in a great way. I think that we all have run into that once or twice (I hate when reproduction XS charts don't stick to the original... pet peeve)
I LOVE your sushi markers; almost want me to start knitting, just so I can get my hand on some cool notions.
The necklace is very pretty and your yarns are yummy. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Joysze said...

RUN HEATHER!!!!! The possessed yarn are going to start chasing you next. ROFLMAO!!!!!

Ahemm...... since I'm too far away to see your evil eye.... I'd second what the hubby said about you liking what you saw in that other blog..............

kate n said...

That medallion is gorgeous! and I wont mention the stash, lets just pretend it never happened and they magically appeared amongst all your crafty stuff, as if left by fairies :)

Paula said...

Thanks for making me feel better about my frog pond experience! It's nice to know I'm not alone. Even nicer that have all that spectacular new yarn to ease your pain. Happy squishing!

Ellen said...

Poor thing, Heather, with the frogging. Hope it goes better the second time around.

Love your medallion necklace. Do you think your friends would share the source?

FaithEllen said...

Those will make a brilliant Catkin -- I just got the buttons on mine this week and I love love love it!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Heather,the pile of curly yarn is all too familiar to me!!! Loved your explanation of how yours evolved, although I bet you weren't to thrilled while unravelling it.
I love the stash that adopted you,too. Gorgeous colours in both the floss and the yarn.
Hope your hubby has got over his competition disappointment!:)

woolwoman said...

Your stash haul from Stitches was quite impressive Heather - I don't buy the "yarn jumped on me" lame excuse - your talking to an experienced yarn addict here LOL - Just relish the day and admit you succumbed to the yarn fumes. All your potential project choices sound lovely. enjoy ! mel

AimeeWrites said...

Hexipuffing??? Had to look it up...in fear that you would have me on a new MUST DO craft. Oh, thank goodness they don't appeal too much to me! I simply cannot cast on another project right now...must...finish...what...I've...started...

Karoline said...

Gorgeous yarn!

autumngeisha said...

Your post had me in an emotional spin. First I screamed with horror upon seeing the unraveled lace project. Then I was green with envy over the beautiful necklace, gorgeous yarn acquisitions and adorable stitch markers. Lastly, I had to laugh with happiness just thinking about all of the future colorful hexipuffs that will be coming into the world.

sara said...

Oh the first paragraph is hilarious! It's so true. The minute I think I have a hang of something and dare to cocky about it, it explodes in my face.

That medallion is lovely and I am suffering from some serious yarn envy.

I'm glad you mentioned having difficulties finding the Knit and Crochet Blog week topics. I was never able to find them (though being the lazy slug I am I didn't try too hard.)

Melanie said...

Awwwwwwwwwww man, look at that great stash!!!! *drool*

Nic said...

Where to start? Heartbroken about the frogging. But ugh, written instructions. There's a lace book I want but I'm holding off because I know I'll have to chart them myself. And really, who wants to do lace work from written instructions - that's just asking for trouble.

Those colours are perfect for catkin. I really want to make one but keep changing my mind about the colours. Let me know before you start yours and maybe I'll be sorted to start mine too. We can egg each other on.

Love those other two skeins too. I just love that beautiful intense colours are now available in yarns. It makes knitting so much happier :) - did that make sense? It did in my head.

Now I'm going to go and add you to my friends list in rav before I forget. Again. So you know when I show up, my rav id is macros. He who is pictured in my ravatar

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