Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 9/9

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Did you ever have one of those weekends where you thought you'd have so much free time, and energy, that you were going to get So! Much! Done!! but then it turned out that all kinds of little things crept in to ruin your amazing plans?

Yeah. Me, too. It was this weekend!

I actually had simple plans: Pick up our glass pieces, and get a bunch of things done off my massive to-do list (still leftover from my two weeks of non-stop working). Unfortunately, a lot of time got taken up because Michael was called in to do sound AGAIN (they guy who bailed over Labor Day weekend, as in "Oh, yeah, I forgot I was going to be out of town" didn't bother to take over his slot). And we had to get together with Michael's parents for a pre-birthday dinner.

Sunday we were both exhausted. I did manage to harvest some of the leeks that have been growing up on the deck. I wasn't really sure if they were ready...like, how do you tell? I read "when they're about an inch and a half in diameter"...I dunno, maybe they were? Anyway, I found a recipe I wanted to try, so we'll see later on this week how they are.
I also roasted some more tomatoes from our mutant tomato bush that's still producing. By the way, if you haven't tried these slow-roasted tomatoes yet, do yourself a favor and try them. A. MAY. ZING!

And in the land of the bizarre that is downtown living, I located our stolen recycling bin. It's in use by our neighbor three doors down!!! (I know it's ours because it's got our number stenciled on the side.) What should I do?
  • Just take it back.
  • Take it back, but leave a passive-aggressive note in their mailbox, "Hi! This is your neighbors at 574! Thanks so much for finding our recycling bin. We've called the City of Atlanta to let them know it's been recovered."
  • Call the City of Atlanta and ask them what to do.
  • Just forget the whole thing, since I think the City of Atlanta just dumps our recycling in with the regular trash, anyway.

I want to move.


AimeeWrites said...

Um, YEAH, that's every weekend.

Recycling bin - take it back. The note is tempting!

Nic said...

Yeah, I know those weekends well.
Definitely take it back. Like the idea of the note too :)

Christine said...

Sounds like every weekend to me.
Just take the bin back

cucki said...

yup..same here,,,,

Chris said...

Those tomatoes look amazing!
Why do the weekends go by so fast? I can't complain because last weekend was amazing for me :)Now if I can only make it to the next one!

Annie said...

I wouldn't just take that bin back unless I knew something about that neighbor. Anyone who would steal the bin may have other issues. What's the city policy? Won't they just give you another one?

Melanie said...

Well, they look like leeks so I think you're good to go with them. lol

I have to pay out-of-pocket to get my trash picked up through an independent contractor here so I would call to get another one for 'free' because I'm paying for the service - and probably rat out who stole mine at the same time while I was on the line. Not sure what to do with a town pick up service though. Huh. It is POSSIBLE, maybe, that the garbage men placed it down there by accident instead of putting it back at your house? If the houses are close to one another I could see that happening too.

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