Monday, September 17, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 9/16 (Injured Reserve Edition)

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This weekend started out great!

Friday night I made this leek, chard and corn flatbread (with the leeks from my deck!)
YUM. Although, it wasn't as "flat" as we all might have hoped. We gobbled it up so fast, I didn't get a shot of it baked.

I got some shots of the products of our glass-making class (I'll still do a more detailed post later, but I know you've just been quivering with anticipation to see our flowers and paper weights, right? RIGHT??!?)
Kinda cool-looking, right? Even if they don't necessarily scream, "FLOWER!" (Mine's on the left; Michael's is on the right.)

And the paper weights (or "art orbs," as Michael calls them).
(His is on the left this time. Hmmm...from this angle mine looks kind of like and atom bomb going off....) I'll share some more pictures later.

Then, Saturday morning happened. Spoiler: I AM OK.

Let me set the picture for you...I am walking downstairs, with a mug (thankfully empty) in my left hand, and my Kindle Fire in my right hand. I'm discussing the morning schedule with Michael, who's still upstairs.

Heather: So I think I'm going to exercise.

Michael: Why wouldn't you?

Heather: I might injure myself.

Michael: Just don't injure yourself so bad you can't go on the cruise. (we're leaving next weekend)

Heather: Oh, come on, how could I possibly injure myself that bad--


Heather: --or I could just fall down the stairs.

Michael: What? Are you serious? ARE YOU OK??!? (sound of running)

Yeah. I fell down the stairs. Only about four. But here's the weird thing (you know, besides it happening right after that conversation): I fell forward. And the other weird thing: I didn't drop my mug. I was still holding on to it when I started to evaluate my injuries (right hip, right elbow, left shin, left knee, and back of left hand). What? Yeah, somehow I scraped skin off the back of my left hand, even though there is nothing nearby that I could have hit it on, AND I STILL HELD ON TO THE MUG. Weird.

So instead of hermitting and stitching, I was hermitting and icing to minimize bruising. It's really hard to stitch with your right elbow elevated above your heart. (It is possible to play Lego Harry Potter that way, though.) It somewhat worked; the visible bruises aren't too bad. But my elbow HURTS.

Sunday there were lots and lots of errands and general freaking out about packing because we were supposed to do that Saturday before I took myself out of the game.

Now please enjoy my very fuzzy TUSAL (made so mostly by this scarf, but also by my less-than-stellar focusing skillz).

Yummy flatbread is yummy, our glass turned out pretty cool, and this is why my mother didn't name me Grace.


Erin (moviemuse) said...

Good heavens! I hope the elbow (and the rest of the injuries) are much improved by the time you leave!!

Veronica said...

Yikes! So glad to hear you're okay. Those glass projects turned out way cool. Have fun on your cruise.


Delusional Knitter said...

I think it was all a ploy to get out of exercising. A very good, well done ploy with sound effects, but no visual witnesses :o) Glad you didn't really injure yourself. Those glass items are awesome!!! I love your atom bomb art orb, very cool.

Sara said...

Hope you're feeling better now and for what it's worth my mother didn't name me Grace either- door knobs, counter corners, and partially open drawers jump out at me.

Your glass is gorgeous! Hope to be seeing more soon.

Carrie said...

Oh my word! How are the bruises healing?! I sure hope your elbow isn't hurt seriously.

But at least you saved the mug, because that's what's important ;)

cucki said...

Oh dear sending you lots of hugs
Please take care for you xxx

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you are ok!
Oh god, that's my nightmare - just casually falling down the stairs.
Well, uhh, glad you saved the mug? I do so hope your elbow doesn't end up being something more serious. :(

I love the glass you both worked! It's very pretty and VERY impressive that you have very very little air bubbles in it. (Seriously.)

Emma/Itzy said...

Oh my! Its a one of my biggest fears falling down the stairs, my other half always laughs at how slow I walk down them! Glad you are ok though.

Daffycat said...

Way to go, ummm Heather! OUCH! Hopefully you will heal quickly you poor dear.

Love the glassworks, especially your atom-bomb art orb. Very cool!

Jean in Georgia said...

A. Do not talk and walk down stairs at the same time. This should be a well-honed survival skill.
B. The mug survived. Are we now shopping for a new Kindle Fire (considering the updated version is out)?

Ellen said...

Oh poor Grace! Hope you're recovering quickly. Reminds me of when I was in college, and I was reading a letter and fell down a few steps....actually sprained my ankle.

Love your glass flowers--they certainly look like flowers to me.

Enjoy your cruise. I'll be anxious to hear all the details and see some photos.

Nic said...

Ouch! Hope the bruises have receded. I usually fall backwards when going falling down the stairs (yes, I have done it enough to say usually). Forwards sounds so much more painful.

Very cool glass stuff though. And yes, your little atomic bomb looks great :)

I think you need to make more bread just so you can show us a baked pic :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Owww. Hope you're healing.

I had a friend who could fall over while holding a full pint glass and not spill a drop. Useful. The beer helped him not feel the pain either!

I LOVE your glass flowers, they're so pretty and totally unique.

Joysze said...

Wow... the lengths you go through to get out of stitching to play Lego HP. ;)

How are you???? All better? I did that once too. Had just gotten up, and was sleepily walking down the stairs and slipped on the first one. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!! ROFL. Well, it's funny NOW. ;)

The flatbread looks yum and well done on the glass work. I think you flowers look VERY flowerlike. :D

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