Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Tuesday Randomness

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Thank you for all the well wishes on my trip(s)--the one down the stairs and the upcoming cruise. The bruise on my elbow is starting to develop some exciting colors, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be...more a subtle pastel whisper than a screaming colored cacophony. It and my hip only hurt if I bump them (which is ALL THE TIME, because I am a klutz, and a tired klutz at that). My shin bruise is fairly light-colored as well. So long as no one on the ship thinks Michael's doing me harm, I don't care so much. =)

So remember when I thought I'd found our missing recycling bin? Well, it turns out it wasn't ours, although it's probably our neighbor's on our other side. The numbering on our street is complex (the post office has us as "A" and "B" of the same number, but the City of Atlanta still has us as separate numbers because they take about 10 years to actually combine and split parcels...blah blah blah boring administrative rant), so it's hard to tell if it's hers or just from another street entirely. I only saw it driving by, so I saw two out of three numbers were ours and the third looked like ours. So now I guess *I'm* the crazy neighbor. ;) At least I hadn't taken it back....

Work is still bad, and the past two nights I've only gotten 5 hours sleep due to worrying. I NEED EIGHT, PEOPLE. Send me good, sleepy thoughts, please!

Blah blah drama blah blah tired blah blah pretty pictures soon.


Annie said...

Quite a saga! The case of the missing recycling bin... it'll probably come up on that new updated Sherlock TV series.

Glad you are healing, but sorry they are working you so hard. Hope things settle down soon.

gracie said...

Sending sleepy thought your way.

cucki said...

so glad that you are getting better..
sending you warm hugs xxx

Chris said...

Glad to hear that you are ok and recovering. I hope that the rest of the week isn't too stressful.
That flatbread looks amazing.

Melanie said...

Ugh. That stinks about work. Like you, I *need* 8 hours. I am seriously envious of those Martha Stewart types who thrive on 4-5 hours a night because it turns me into a Grumpy Hormonal Bear like nobody's business. Hope it gets better soon!!!

Joysze said...

Sorry about work. :( Has the last week been better?

Sings... *lullabyyyyeeeee, and goood nniiiiiight...*

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