Tuesday, May 1, 2007

April Wrap Up...er, wrap up

So here were the grand plans for this month's stitching theme, which was again: April Wrap-Up - Finishing...whatever that means to you...be it finishing the stitching/knitting on something, or assembly of a stitched piece.

What I said:
  • Finish stitching ornaments for exchange YES!
  • Finish stitching Sapphire NO.
    I would have finished this if so much of my stitching stuff wasn't packed. I ran out of a metallic and couldn't find any more in the stuff that's not packed. Then I discovered I'd stitched a whole section with a silk instead of a different metallic (not that I have enough of that metallic to redo, either) and I totally lost heart.
  • Finish knitting Cornflower Mitts YES!
  • Finish Indigo Rose Pincushion NO.
    I did get it close...but again, I ran out of perle cotton in the kit and couldn't face trying to find more. I may do it tomorrow, though.
  • Finish Cubie Bwahahahahaaaaaaa...
    That would be a NO.

On the plus side, I also did finish a cute little cell phone case (well, it will be finished once I get around to buying a snap) and I laced (and re-laced) my Snowflake Nativity.

On to May Memories!!!

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