Monday, May 14, 2007


It's a picture of our new place! I'm going to post more in the coming days. This is really just a taste...more of a "mood" picture...since it's a little blurry.
This is the "master bath". It was taken on a rainy day, so the tiles look much grayer than they actually are. I wish DH had taken a picture of the just looks awesome. The vessel sinks are translucent green glass, and the countertop is Corian "Beach Glass"'s a nice pale bluey-green (think DMC 504, but a little grayer =). Those lovely lights are from West Elm. We had some from IKEA, but the architect actually decided that they looked crappy compared to all the nice fixtures we picked out. (The master bath in the other unit is much more...spartan than ours. And not in a good, Halo-kind-of-a-way. More in an institutional-way. You pick the institution.)

Doncha love the light coming in the window?? Maybe that will help me wake up in the morning. Nah....

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