Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May Memories, week 1

The first project I worked on for May Memories is a piece called "Autumn Jewels".
I picked it because I know that I took this piece as a class at my very first Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival. It's also the first class I ever had with Rae Iverson. And if I remember correctly, it was the first class I took at the festival. I was a little nervous about going into the class. Although I'd been stitching for years, I was very young compared to the majority of stitchers (at least as far as I knew...I now know that's a somewhat erroneous assumption). I was "only" 27 at the time. Also, I didn't know what all the fancy stitches in the class description were..."Rococco stitch"..."Double V"..."Detached Buttonhole"! That sounded scary! Of course, I was taking the class to learn, but I was a completely self-taught stitcher and this was my first class experience...I was sure that all the other people in the class would be very experienced and I'd look like an idiot (one of my biggest fears).

I walked into the class with some trepidation, and then I learned that there was only one other student in the class! So Rae sat down with us and taught us stitches and we laughed and gabbed and had a great time. I've now been to many, many classes and attended Rae's A Stitchers' Gathering for like seven years! I think that the first year Rae squeezed me in over the limit somehow...and I'm eternally grateful! Because of that, I've formed some wonderful friendships and had so many good times.

So, a great piece for May Memories!!


TeresaB said...

I love this piece and I even know where it is, but I don't think I'll work on it this month with you. Can't wait to see what you get done on it.

geeky Heather said...

Sadly, this is probably all I'll get done on it...actually, everything you see there was done this past week. The classwork left some Double V's way high up on the linen, so I restarted in the center.

Karin said...

It's a great start - I love the colours in this piece.

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