Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Memories, week 4

I did work on Blackwork Band Sampler this week, although I didn't get that much done. I'm working on a point de reprise section, so my work consisted of four-sided stitch, cutting, and binding threads together. I'm almost done with the binding, then I should be able to start weaving. After that's done, I'll actually have something to show.

This was a fun class, and is the one after which Teresa and Jill and I started to hang out. Although I had seen Teresa before in one of Rae's classes, we had not really met. I sat near her in this class, and afterwards, Jill came by to meet up with her because it was dinnertime. We were all staying in the conference hotel--me by myself, with no car. I had eaten dinner the night before in the hotel's Italian (and only) restaurant, and it was pricey and not that great. Living in a downtown area where there are many restaurants within walking distance, I had expected the same in Winston-Salem, but it was not so. I was stranded facing another night of bland expensive pasta. As Jill and Teresa discussed where they were going to eat, I watched them with giant, wistful puppy-dog eyes. They decided to take pity on me, so they hauled me along with them. At some point Teresa asked, "What do you want to eat?" I replied, "Cow!" (I was in major need of protein at that point in the day...I'd probably been in class non-stop since 8am.) This began my tradition, when I am particularly hungry, of bellowing, "Somebody cow me!" We found a place similar to golden corral or Sizzler, where you could order steak but also partake of the vast food bar. They were low on customers that night, which I'm sure is why the manager (or whoever he was) took us on a guided tour of the various "stations". "Over here we have soups," he'd say, which was ridiculously obvious given the vats with soup ladles sticking out of them. However, I cannot fault the food or the cleanliness of the place. It was a great meal, I got cow, and I made some great friends that I am priviledged still put up with me to this day.

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