Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last night we had another walk-through of the new place. I took some new pictures, which I hope to post tomorrow...but tomorrow's going to be a busy day, so it may be Friday. Yesterday was kind of miserable...we were supposed to meet the architects at 6:30. I didn't leave work 'til about 5:45, picked DH up at 6, and we didn't get home until almost 7. We ran in the loft and trucked over to the new place, me still in my black linen pants from work (a fabulous outfit for a walk-through in a drywall-dust-covered venue). We didn't finish until 9:30 (which is when we ate dinner...I was nearly dead by then).

Things still are beautiful, but it's hard to tell because they're still covered in filth. I almost fell over when one of the architects told us they were planning on "broom cleaning" the place before they handed it over to us. That's going to have to be one killer broom!

The good: The deck is sealed and gorgeous, the new tile we got for the laundry closet/downstairs closet is in and looks great, the kitchen counter has been finished and is fabulous, the bathroom vessels sinks no longer wobble, our bedroom fan is like a hurricane, the pocket door hardware rocks (none of those annoying flippy latches like I had growing up) and the "window seats" are the coolest thing ever. The bad: A bunch of stuff was "extra" that I didn't think would be (like painting brick vs. sealing it??), still lotttttts of stuff to repaint, and I would guess maybe 1/4 of the punch list was done and a new punch list was created that has 2/3 more things on it. Also, no good solution on the stairs (the good news is that the architect thinks that the price of replacing our "homemade" stairs with real stair parts is about 10 times less than what DH thought). The ugly: There's still plastic over some third-floor windows, there's nasty scratches on my pretty bamboo floors, and the kitchen floor sticks out over the stairs coming up to the second floor. I seem to be the only human on earth who thinks this is ugly, though.

Tonight we get to put little sticky notes by all the scratches on the bamboo floors (and, I am going to sticky all the stairs that are chipped/splintering). Hopefully I can get some exterior shots while it's still light out!

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