Monday, April 30, 2007

Walk through

Yesterday we did an "official" walk through of our new place and made a punch list! Hopefully this week I'll have a chance to post pictures that DH took a week or so ago. Let me just say that builders must be some of the nastiest (i.e., dirtiest) creatures on earth. Let's forget for a moment what the toilet in the unit next door looked like (sooooo glad ours did not look that bad) and focus on generic trash. When we were making sure that all the cabinet doors/drawers opened OK, we noticed that a few of the drawers contained random assorted screws and also generic chunks of splintered wood. Why the heck is the wood in the drawer?? I mean, I do know why...because the cabinets were installed long before the countertop was put on, and they pretty much threw crap everywhere. But is it really that much easier to throw it in the drawer than, say, on the floor? Also in exciting cabinet news...we're missing a cabinet door. Apparently the cabinet guy took it with him. Schwunh?

Of course, all this stuff gets cleaned up...but isn't it so much easier to not get it dirty in the first place?? The floor is an absolute horror. We have prefinished bamboo floors. Now, in the other unit, it's the generic oak that they can sand and finish at the end. But for ours, it doesn't get redone, so any damage/scratching they are doing stays forever. And the boards have these little "micro-bevels" on each edge that are now filled with drywall dust and gunk. It especially ticks me off because I kept telling our architect that I did NOT, NOT, NOT want beveled edges, micro or otherwise. But he seemed incapable of finding them (even though I can go to and find "no bevel" edges), so I eventually had to give up. So, I will just have to live with gunk in them, because I have no confidence that they'll actually be able to get it all out. And I have even less confidence that my Scooba will be able to suck the dirt out, either. They did put paper down over the floor, but most of it is now torn or gone.

Enough negativeness...the deck is just awesome. The view is spectacular towards downtown, and we are high enough to see over the parking deck on one side and over the warehouses on the other. I love our master bath...the tile looks just amazing and I love our vessels sinks. I love the way our kitchen counter came out...when you're looking at a 2" square Corian sample, you never know how the variations are going to look on a giant counter. I'm also jazzed because we found a really great deal on curtains at Pottery Barn...dupioni silk and actually wide and long enough for our windows. Not as good a bargain as the dupioni silk queen duvet cover, 4 shams and bedskirt I got at the ADAC sample sale for $50, but still a good deal. =)

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TeresaB said...

WooHoo! I can't wait to see everything in July!!!!

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