Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 7/15

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First off, I realize that I created some confusion on Friday by declaring Hexipuff victory. "Hexipuff" is the nickname for the honeycombs you knit up to make a Beekeeper's Quilt. You only need approximately 3,579,212 of them for a small quilt. They are the current rage sweeping through Ravelry (well, we may be on the tail end...Color Affection/Affliction/Infection is the latest to claim thousands of victims). This happens a lot in the Ravelry community, it seems. Some simple, but clever, pattern appears and "everyone" has to knit it. This is the kind of thing I avoided like the plague once I got past junior high...in fact, I'm immediately suspicious of anything that's that popular. Like someone must be rubbing snake oil all over whatever the latest craze is in order to lure so many people to it. But the prospect of doing something with all those leftover sock yarn bits was appealing to me (since I've finished SO many socks and all /sarcasm). At least, that's the theory...you just knit some hexipuffs with leftover sock yarn, keeping your stash nice and neat. That is, unless you succumb and start buying custom made mini skeins.

So, the weekend! We had two outings to the Fox for the Summer Movie Film Festival.
Sadly, there weren't as many good movies this year, so we only went to two. In past years we had bought books of tickets and had gone two or three times a week!
Before the movie, there are old movie reels, cartoons, and a concert on the Mighty Mo organ. The sing-along has gone downhill a bit, too; it used to be all "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and "It's a Grand Night for Singing"...now it's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Georgia," if you're lucky.
But it was still fun to see The Avengers with a large crowd. And in a beautiful old movie palace, to boot.
How did I survive with this old camera??
The Princess Bride was also fun...gosh, I love that movie! Although I almost had to punch the couple behind us...they were speaking at normal volume, without even turning their heads to each other. The kids in front of us and to our left, we couldn't even hear.

Nothing better than seeing movies in a classic movie palace.


Anonymous said...

hehehehe!! I was already laughing for the yarn thing.. then you threw out The Princess Bride!! :D
I'm SO going to watch this today!! blyme, that dvd (and the videocassette before that) are worn out!! :D

(totally agree on the "must distrust" policy.. that's for WEIRD people.. :D)

Daffycat said...

The film festival sounds like a blast! Wish they did something like that near here.

pinkundine said...

That sounds awesome - I'd love to see films in such a gorgeous place. Also, Avengers and Princess Bride, excellent choice of films!

Melanie said...

Oooo, The Princess Bridge - that one is a fav of mine. :)
They need some boot-stomping ushers in there to silence people, I think!!!!!

Nic said...

I love that you've calculated exactly how many hexi puffs you need ;)
No confusion on my part, I've been seeing friends fall victim to puffitis. I'm apparently immune. To colour affliction too. Good to know my immune system is proof against some things. As for stuffing, how about feathers? In the time it'll take you to knit 3,579,212 puffs you'll be able to raise an army of ducks and have all the feathers you'll need.
Great movie choices.

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