Monday, July 30, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 7/29 (Winner and Spoiler Edition)

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Thursday night, I slept for 10 hours, and I could have easily slept more if work panic had not roused me. I told the hubby that I'm pretty sure I was in shock on Sunday (about my dad's hospital stay), and the rest of the week I was incredibly tense. I was exhausted all week; I'm not sure how my mom and sisters are doing it, being at the hospital all day. My dad is doing much better; he's on solid foods now, but he still has a long way to go. Thank you again for all the prayers.

Friday, I wanted to go spend the day with my dad in the hospital...Michael even came home at lunch so he could shuttle me over there (we only have the one car, and although I could have easily made the 20-25 minute walk, it was HOT). Unfortunately, from the time I woke up, I was working. So, I hauled my computer to the hospital and worked until 6. =(

Of course, Friday night we watched the opening ceremony. I hear the NBC commentary was horrific (I try to tune it out); I blame Matt Lauer. While most of we Americans did need the connection between healthcare and children's literature explained, for instance, we did not need the inanity of Matt explaining that Mary Poppins was coming to save the day. I seriously doubt that fewer than 95% of Americans know who Mary Poppins is!! I also blame the extreme editing it seems NBC did; I hear we missed a lot of the ceremony. Boo, NBC!

Saturday, I earned a bronze medal in the Lottlympiad! Ohhhh...sorry for the spoiler with no spoiler alert preceding it...event results before my Lottlympiad report? Just call me Brian Williams. Yup, we were out with friends for dinner Saturday night, and the one time my spouse looked up at the TV (during the 6pm-8pm Olympic showing break on NBC), he saw the results of the race that wouldn't be aired, for those of us who are cable-free, for three more hours. Double boo, NBC!! We stayed up until 2am catching up with everything we'd recorded while we were out visiting my dad and going to dinner. *yawn!*

Sunday there was more Dad-visiting, more Olympics-watching, some tomato-roasting (if you have not made "sun dried" tomatoes...YOU MUST!!) and not much more sleep.

Finally, I didn't forget about my scrapbooking software giveaway! The winner is CalamityJr!! Congrats!! Please email me at heather at lottloft dot com and I'll send you information about how to get the software!

This is not the first time I've wished I could watch BBC. I must say, though, that with all my NBC-bashing, I still <3 Bob Costas in a giant way.

Also, I apologize in advance to my non-US (upcoming!) Lottlympiad coverage is heavily parodied from NBC although you may not get all the jokes, I hope it's still entertaining.


CalamityJr said...

Oh, my goodness! I can't believe I can try this great scrap booking program. Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway and drawing my name. Email with mailing address to follow!

Nic said...

Looking forward to the report. Don't worry if I don't get it, it'll mirror large parts of the opening ceremony. Maybe I needed the commentary to explain. But maybe the BBC commentary wouldn't have done so - expecting all the "brits" watching to get the weird stuff. Was wtching it online so I could choose with or without commentary. The 30s I switched over to the commentary made meswitch promptly back. "they're hammering rings and blue lights are shining". Seriously?!

Ziggyeor said...

Too funny, I watch some of the live stuff on but firefox and flash player don't like to play together. A friend said she uses chrome so I'll have to try that. I'm getting angry at my London ap that I dl'd for the phone because it doesn't work! I want to see results on my break. Yesterday it was on the tv at work but today they were watching Springer :p

Heather said...

CTV has an iPad app. I'm not sure if it works in the US, but I understand their Olympic coverage is much, much better. (We don't have cable, so I'm not watching anything really. I get highlights from YouTube if something really exciting happens. Otherwise, I'm content to read the news.)

I'm glad to hear your dad is feeling better. Continued good wishes for his speedy recovery.

Melanie said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better. :)
I've been watching a lot of the BBC Olympic feeds online. If you use ExPat Shield to mask your ip (innocuous download), they work brilliantly. They have better accents than us anyway. Heh.

Delusional Knitter said...

So sorry to hear about your dad (I'm a little behind on the blog reading). Sending best wishes and positive thoughts his way!

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