Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ready for Spring!!

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I am definitely ready for Spring! I always feel like once my birthday is past, it's time for warm weather immediately. For now, though, let's enjoy some shots from last year at the Atlanta Botanical Garden during Atlanta Blooms!

I'm a huge fan of tulips, and I thought these lovely pastels were awesome!

But then, the vibrant colors of the pansies are also excellent!

I was happy to catch this guy in action. Check out his iridescent wings. I upped the shutter speed so I could catch the action.

We have a ton of Japanese Magnolia (or tulip) trees around Atlanta, but most of them are the purple or white varieties. I love this creamy yellow! I used the macro lens to capture the interior of the flower.

One thing I love about Atlanta Blooms! is that they always do several color combinations of tulips around the gardens. I love this rich scheme as much as the pastels.

I also love seeing the different varieties. Last year, Spring came slowly due to the super-cold Winter, so each week we visited the Gardens, different colors and varieties were waxing or waning.

I loved the pots of daffodils by the reflecting pool outside the main building. See that little boy at the end of the pond? A couple minutes after this picture, I heard his dad say, "Just be careful, so you don't fall in like last time!" But was it a fall or a jump?? LOL!!
I love the color combination of the pink tulips, green leaves and blue/green stoneware pot!

Speaking of daffodils, they were EVERYWHERE in the gardens before the tulips started to show their faces. There's a whole hill right when you enter covered with them. These were some of the late-blooming ones that stuck around to party with the tulips.

I love the color combinations, but the monochromatic scheme is nice, too. =)
Wonderful with the cherry trees!

I hope Spring comes early in your neck of the woods...I'm ready and waiting here!

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