Monday, January 23, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 1/22 (Winter Blues)

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After Friday, when it was yucky and rainy outside and I didn't leave the house, I belatedly signed up for International Stitch and Hermit Weekend. I had hoped to go for some outdoor photography, but the weather was supposed to be disgusting all weekend, so I thought I'd have lots of stitching time instead. The hubby went to judge a pinewood derby Saturday morning, which I should have gone to with him, but he had to leave soooo early that I couldn't make myself conscious in time. We may have also stayed up too late watching Burn Notice (THIS SHOW IS SO ADDICTING!)

So there I am, stuck at home, with thunderstorms raging outside, and what am I doing? Am I curling up with a cup of tea and stitching? Noooo, I'm still trying to beat stupid Dance Central (with intermittent power outages), I'm doing laundry, I'm getting myself ready in case we go for a movie later, I'm doing chores...what the heck?? When the hubby got home, I continued to do more of the same. I did do some stitching, but most of it wasn't very showy...I figured out how to sew Helena's hem, I did a test stitch on Shakespeare's Garden to determine if two yards of begged and borrowed flower thread would do (result: TWO GIANT QUEEN STITCHES, and that's all). Late Sunday night I stitched some satin stitches on Les Rubans. So most of what I have to show is from Friday night's Burn Notice marathon:
I'm not showing you the whole thing because I'll save it for my Jardin January wrap-up (SUCH A TEASE).

The mail man did deliver some mini-skeins I bought from Tami at Candy Skein. Omigosh, these colors are AWESOME!!
I played with the camera a while, but it was impossible to capture all the ranges of blue and teal. Some of these are too bright; the one second from the right in particular is actually a deep turquoise. And because I am a total weirdo, I used my new swift to turn one of them into a wee yarn cake. Yeah, it's pretty much not very useful in that form! =)

Sunday we did go on a shopping trip and got lots of good bargains. My best one is this down jacket (550 fill!!!) was 70% off, so only 30 dollars! It's so warm, and I don't look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man in it. I love it!

Winter blues are OK as long as they are yummy yarn colors or keeping me warm!


Autumn said...

Yep, love watching Burn Notice too.

Okay...those skeins...are they cross stitch or yarn because WOWZA they are lovely and I have to wish for some.

Joysze said...

Hey... You stitched, skip IHSW was a success. :D love those yarns!!! Colors are amazing. I see you were in a blue sort of mind over the weekend. :D

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your project with the rabbit is beautiful.

Scrummy coloured yarn skeins.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I love your jacket - the reason I won't wear a down jacket is that I look like a snowman when I'm wearing one - yours looks really cute!

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :) Those threads are beautiful!

Topcho said...

Oh, it's definiitely a tease! Can't wait to see the whole thing! and those yarn skeins.. the colours are so yummy! :D

autumngeisha said...

I kind of enjoy weekends like that. The little bit of stitching that you managed to get in looks lovely. As is that yummy yarn haul.

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