Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch Just One July


What is Theme-Tas-Stitch, you ask? Kerry hosts a theme every month that you can build your stitching plans around. Click on the picture above for more details!

This month's theme was..."Just one July - Pick a focus piece for the month and see how much progress you can make - show us before and after pictures if you can."

You don't have to wander around my blog for very long to know that I am most definitely NOT a one-at-a-time stitcher. I'll pick something up and then get distracted, or have a deadline, and switch pieces faster than a strand of blending filament tangles. But as I mentioned in my last post, I was gone for a good chunk of June (and yes, you will get some pictures at some point!), so I was actually a little fatigued and didn't have the energy to pull out any new pieces. Since Prancer was already on the Q-snaps, I stitched on him all month! I had stitched on him a little at the end of June, and I was planning on checking in for last month's theme (gardens), so I only stitched on his greenery. Here's where he was at the end of the month:
You can see, like previous progress pictures, there was #stillNoDeer

But here is how he looks now!

Hunh. It turns out that if you focus on one thing, you actually make visible progress! Who knew??

Next month's theme is "Animalia August - Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends."

What do you think I'm stitching on next month? As my mom used to say, I'll give you three guesses and two don't count...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Smalls SAL June 2017

Click now for JiffNotes

No idea what the Smalls SAL is all about? Click the graphic above to learn more (and see lovely smalls from others!)

All I managed last month was finishing a small I had already finished the stitching on, but I'll take it as a win!
This is Keep a Little Secret by Just Nan, also known as She Who Makes You Stitch Really Intricate Designs, Only to Hide Them in a Tin or Box. I love it, anyway.

Why did I have so little time this month, you may ask? Well, I spent two weeks in Shanghai and and Tokyo! And let me tell you, jet lag is REAL. I'll just show you one thing for now...I "rescued" this temari from an airport gift shop on the way out of Tokyo.
Isn't it gorgeous? I say I "rescued" it because...airport gift shop. And it was only about $20! I know how much work went in to this temari, and I will appropriately appreciate it!

Yup, I was gone for a while...but I have a good excuse...I was out of the country!

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