Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lottlympiad 2012 Events Announced!

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In past years, I have not been able to get myself together to participate in group activities for crafting during the Olympics. So! Many! EVENTS!! Then I discovered that (AS USUAL) I much preferred doing my own thing. Plus, I like to award myself multiple meaningless virtual medals rather than strive for just one unattainable medal (like for casting on and completing an entire shawl during the Olympics). So, I do my own thing.

This time, knowing that during the first Summer Lottlympiad, I set six events for myself and came up with two golds, two silvers, and two bronzes, I decided that I really needed to be more restrained and be very realistic about what I could accomplish. So, of course, I have SEVEN events this time around. ;)

(By the way, not participating in an "officially unofficial" event also allows me to have Platinum medals. Which are virtual, anyway, so they could be Diamond medals for all anyone cares, or Water, or even Chocolate...mmmmmm...chocolate...).


Where was I?

Oh, yes, the events of the Second Summer Lottlympiad!

Random Relay
Bronze - finish current row of Random Thoughts
Silver - finish bottom row
Gold - finish stitched border
Platinum - withdraw threads for border!

Starboat Sailing
Bronze - Eight-Pointed Star - finish stitching and klosters
Silver - Grandmother Star temari - finish green path
Gold - Sapphire Star - finish center panel
Platinum - finish Eight-Pointed Star

Rhythmic Gymnastitch (Ribbon)
Bronze - All Gold stitching on ribbon 2 of Les Rubans (both sections)
Silver - background of ribbon 2 (both sections)
Gold - all crescents (both sections)
Platinum - finish ribbon

Floor Exercise
Bronze - finish Origami Turtle sleeve
Silver - block Origami Turtle
Gold - assemble and finish Origami Turtle (with edging)!

Bronze - frame mini ornament
Silver - frame Bumblebee
Gold - frame Dasher

Bead Triathlon
Bronze - Lapland Santa - bead deer
Silver - Finish "LOVE" on Hearts and Flowers ornament
Gold - Half of one beaded bracelet
Platinum - Finish beaded bracelet

Synchronized Shawling
Bronze - one Jeanie repeat
Silver - swatch Catkin
Gold - cast on Juneberry
Platinum - cast on double-stitch cowl

What do you think of my event list? Will I medal in every event? Will I medal in ANY event???!? Stay tuned!

By the way, I will add my 2 cents here about the "Ravelympics" kerfuffle (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can just skip this paragraph)...I, too, was angry when I read the word "denigrate" used in the same sentence with knitters. But then, the hubby told me that that actually was a form letter that had been sent out before (and he linked me to an article that included some text the USOC had sent to the Redneck Olympics...same exact text, with different events listed...though it sounds much worse with pigs' feet than afghans). I think that's an important fact...they didn't sit around thinking of language to use to tick us off's how they tick everyone off. =) I'm only mentioning this because that language is the thing that seemed to make everyone REALLY mad, and I haven't seen anyone mention that, IS a form letter they send out.

The Lottlympiad is not a competition. And don't worry...Bob and Jim will be back. Like you were actually worried.


Annette said...

I predict a mix of 10 medals for you this year :)

Nic said...

Now this is a competition I'm looking forward to. But I've gotta ask... Are you planning on going to work at all during this? I'm joining in on ravelry for the first time this year and my dreams of completing a cardi in 17 days sound like nothing compared to all of these :)

Nic said...

PS, looking forward to the return if Bob and Jim

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this unfold. I predict you're going to have your best Lottlympiad ever!

Ziggyeor said...

Wow I'm just hoping to get the Tower Bridge Done and some work on the sponsored Love Quilt Square. I hope you medal Gold in all. ;)

Chris said...

Wow! What a list of events. How many golds will you bring home?

Erin (moviemuse) said...

I love your events! They really made me smile this morning.

Anne said...

So cute Heather! I love your events!!! Lol! You are awesome!

Topcho said...

Lol this is just awesome! I'm sure you'll score many golds on your Olympics!

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