Friday, September 25, 2009

Let the vacation gauntlet begin!

We are leaving in about an hour for Panama City for the weekend to celebrate Michael's birthday with his parents. I am really looking forward to the beach. I'm hoping for sun, but I'm just happy it will be WARM! We'll be in town the next weekend, then the weekend after that I'm going to the mountains with my sisters, and Michael's having a "guy weekend" with some friends. I'm back for a weekend, then I travel to Hilton Head Island for a stitching weekend (planned since last year).... Then, the big trip: The VERY NEXT WEEKEND, we're flying to Istanbul to embark on a cruise that will take us to Croatia, Greece, Italy and finally to Barcelona, Spain!! I'm very excited about the cruise, but I have no idea how I'll manage work, laundry and packing for all this.

As far as work goes, I've finished my big project, and the software releases on Tuesday. However, the user community has been very whiny and I'm sure I'll have more work to do.

I have finished a stitching project and a sweater (tank, just in time for Fall :p), cast on two socks, and worked on various and sundry. I promise some point!

My lack of blogging is not likely to improve...but hang with me. The Winter's got to be better, right??!?

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