Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Smalls SAL August 2017

No idea what the Smalls SAL is all about? Click the graphic above to learn more (and see lovely smalls from others!)

I finally had enough daylight and patience to finish sewing up a felt pear I started quite a while ago.

It's definitely not the neatest job, but I learned a lot while doing it, and hopefully it won't take me so long to do the accompanying partridge that I forget it all!

Yup, that's right...this is a 12 Days of Christmas set! Will it be done by this Christmas? Not a chance! =)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch Animalia August


What is Theme-Tas-Stitch, you ask? Kerry hosts a theme every month that you can build your stitching plans around. Click on the picture above for more details!

I'm woefully late to check in for August, so this will be a very short update. Last month's theme was..."Animalia August - Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends."

Of course, you know I had to stitch on at least one project with a squirrel, so I chose a Rovaris sampler that is nothing but squirrels, alphabets and acorns.
Or, so far, squirrel and alphabet.

I made another small bit of progress on Just Nan's Strawberry Bunny, until I got tired of tedious counting and color changes. :)

I made the largest amount of progress on Prancer.
In fact, he just needs antlers and a wee bit of backstitch before there's nothing but beads left!

Finally, a shawl I started with some mystery Noro yarn I bought in Japan. It has some wool content, which comes from sheep, which are totally animals, so it totally counts:
As far as I can tell with my detective skills (because the yarn label has zero English on it), this yarn is called "Ayame", and is composed of silk, wool, cotton and rayon. It has the usual long-repeat Noro color changes, but that yarn is twisted together with a turquoise strand and a very thin black strand. It was kind of challenging to find a pattern for it, because I really don't know what weight it is! Based on the recommended needle sizes (once I realized Japan's needle sizes were different than US), I'd say it's a heavy fingering, but I guess it could be considered a sport....

That's it for August! September's theme is "September Smalls - What is the smallest stitch in your stash? Show us your smalls!" I have a ton of smalls in progress, so I am sure I will make "small" progress on some of them. ;)

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