Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Hot Hot WIPocalypse Check-in

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I totally convinced myself the full moon was today, not Tuesday.

Actually, I convinced myself it was THURSDAY, so that's even worse...I'm forgetful AND late! Maybe it's the heat? We set a record here this week: 106 F! Yes, the South is hot, but we rarely spend days over 100!

Not too much got done this past month due to my epic European vacation ( should get on that). Not wanting to overload the suitcase, I only took two small knitting projects (socks and a wrap). When I got back from the trip, I was pretty brain-dead, but I did manage to make a little progress on a couple WIPocalypse projects. (OK, OK, they were also Jumanji June projects, but you won't hold that against me, right??)

First, my Lapland Santa has progressed a bunch. The reindeer is almost done except for beads! (There are a lot, since it's a Mill Hill kit.)

I did a little work on Random's been a while since I posted a full shot of it, so here it is...

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Ani said...

They're lovely!!

Daffycat said...

Your Lapland Santa looks great! I'm loving that sampler too. Random Thoughts is a hard one for me to resist adding to my stash!

Veronica said...

Beautiful WiPs. Looking forward to see Santa with all his beads. Random Thoughts is progressing wonderfully too.


Melanie said...

Looking good!! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Random thoughts is pretty! I look forward to your European vacation post!

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