Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post-Towel Day Giveaway

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I was so jazzed that I had 42 followers on Towel Day, I decided to have a spur of the moment giveaway. Well...the deciding was spur of the moment. You can see it's taken me five days to actually put it up. =)

There are two flavors: Needlework and Knitting. I wanted to have a Geeky category as well, but I didn't have time to scrape anything together.

Brief Rules:
1) Comment on this post and tell me whether you're interested in the Needlework or Knitting giveaway or Both...and give me your order or preference. That is, I'll pick a person and that person will get his or her first choice. Then I'll keep picking until I give away the other pack.

2) Earn an extra entry by posting about the giveaway on your own blog (link back here, and comment that you posted).

3) That's it! I will ship overseas, and I will ship to people who'd never heard of Towel Day before showing up here, or who have never read a Douglas Adams book, or who have no intention of doing so (though, you really should). You don't even have to follow my blog...although I'll probably give an extra entry to the 42 of you there currently are if you comment. ;)

Oh, what, you wanna see the goods? Here you go...

Needlework Giveaway

  • Actual towels! That you can stitch on! Because, Towel Day!! (Also, three patterns from a magazine that will fit on the towels...at least vertically.)
  • Liz Turner Diehl's 17th Century English Stuart Garden pattern. Because, English! Just like Douglas Adams!
  • Landmark Tapestries Thistle, because, ALSO ENGLISH! Well, more Scottish, I suppose, but let's be a bit lenient, OK?
  • Two zippered mesh project cases. Because ...! Um. Just because.

Knitting Giveaway

  • Two dish TOWELS...oh yeah, also towels in this giveaway. Yeah, we really call 'em dishcloths, but WORK WITH ME HERE, PEOPLE. They are emblazoned with Star Trek symbols, so although not directly related to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I think the geek content overrides any other objections.
  • Debbie Bliss knitting magazine, because...look at the cover...that's right, BRITISH style. (You know, just like Douglas Adams. Was British. And had style.)
  • Homespun and Moonlight Mohair, in appropriate colors for whale watching. These two will make a cute potato-chip-style scarf. I'll throw in the printed pages for the pattern (a freebie). BONUS: You'll get five extra entries for the Knitting giveaway if you're the first person to comment on why I said WHALE rather than dolphin.

Hope you enjoy the giveaway! I'll leave comments open 'til I'm back from Alaska...let's say June


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Towel Day!

It's Towel Day and today...today, my hoopy froods, I have attained 42 official followers. This is so full of awesome, I'm going to have to have another giveaway. Give me a couple days to get something together.

In other news, there has been stitching...and lots of pretty pictures. I'll share it all soon!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Uninspired TUSAL

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(What's a TUSAL?)

So. The only reason the jar is full this month is due to some shopping from Stitches South and subsequent yarn winding (yeah, yeah...post coming).

I'm in a bit of a slump right now, with blogging, stitching...etc. I didn't even finish my April portion of Random Thoughts (though I came close)...I just ran out of steam. I was planning on finishing the Stumpwork Bumblebee this month. Well, I did finish the turkey work. But I realized that I'm not going to be happy until I restitch two of the four wings. Which honestly shouldn't take too long. But I think I'm also a little terrified...ok, maybe REALLY terrified...to do all the cutting and trimming. Mainly the trimming. I'm worried I'll just keep trimming and trimming until I trim entirely too much and ruin the thing!

I'm leaving today for Boston for JBoss World (geeky geeky blah blah blah) and I won't be back until Friday night. I fully expect to be completely exhausted, even if I am NOT planning on participating in the Official Conference Bar Crawl. Seriously. I think these people may be crazy. At least I'll get a couple hours of knitting or something on the plane. And perhaps I'll bring my mojo back with me.

Beantown, here I come.

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