• Jiff Notes
  • My version of Cliffs Notes. "Jiff" came from a combination of two things...they were supposed to be a summary of the post you could read in a "jiffy" (i.e., "quickly"), and the fact that my dear friend Julia once missed the fact that I had eye surgery. Read the first Jiff Notes post.
  • BAP
  • If I tell you the "B" is for "BIG" and the "P" is for "Project," can you figure out the "A"? (A**...A**** if you're British. ;) For me, anything over about 8x8" turns into a BAP!
  • FTW
  • For The Win! Gamer speak, as in Random abbreviations FTW!
  • SCOD
  • Sparkly Compote of Decree - During March, the SCOD tells me what project to work on each day for March Madness.
  • A stitch-a-long (hosted by Sharon) that anyone can keep up with! Basically, you collect your thread orts (scraps) in a pretty jar all year. It's like a sparkly strata of historically sedimentary thread goodness. Each new moon, you post a picture of your orts. For my purposes, I have a small "jar"--actually a tea light holder--that I collect orts in. Each new moon, it gets emptied into a larger ort jar for the year. Thus, each month when the sky is empty of the moon, my jar starts empty of any orts. All symbolic and stuff. +1 to literary devices.
  • WIP
  • Work In Progress...yup, that's me! Oh, and also the only kind of projects I have. Nothing's finished around here.

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