Monday, July 23, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 7/22 (Failure to Hermit)

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First off, let me say...reading your comments on my 33 MORE THINGS post really made my day! There are actually a few of us that make up stupid songs?? Fabulous. We should all get together and sing our way through an entire day in harmony. =D

Soo...the didn't start well...and it didn't end well, either.

Friday (normally my day off), I had to work the whole day. While my team, in the office, was skipping out in the afternoon for "teambuilding" (i.e., seeing The Dark Knight Rises). Not a great start.

Saturday was fun; in the morning I took my first sewing class. I SO wish I had remembered my camera (but really, trying to get somewhere at 9:30am on a Saturday...I was doing well to have shoes on and speak coherently). The class is held in a storage facility (!) and you feel kind of like you're going to a sewing rave. I managed to remember how to get thread on my bobbin, so I wasn't at the bottom of the class. We were making napkins and tablecloths. I made one very small napkin, because I didn't want to ruin my fabric with my complete lack of skill. The class started with an hour of describing the projects' construction and helping those of us who were complete newbies (you don't have to take the classes in any specific order). After that, we cut our fabric (my sister gave me some great pointers when I was telling her about the class!) and I pinned together a couple napkins. That took me about an hour! Since I was making napkins, it was a lot of cutting. I didn't want to do the tablecloth because I didn't think I had space to deal with that much fabric, plus I don't think I really want to make a double-sided tablecloth.... So I had about 30 minutes left, in which I produced one pretty good seam. We put two pieces together, right sides facing, sewed a seam and turned it right-side out. Then we were supposed to topstitch a seam (or two). She had us leave a very generous seam allowance, so the topstitching was too far out for my liking. So far, so good...I had one seam that was a little crooked, but not too bad. I thought I would do another smaller seam around the outside. That...didn't go as well. I thought I'd do a third one to even things, anyway! That was a good learning experience. =) And I am now the proud owner of a cocktail napkin that looks like it was sewn in the dark by an otter who'd had a few too many mojitos.

After the class, Michael picked me up and we went to a great tea house where we shared a fantastic goat cheese pesto salad and a great chicken salad sandwich (not too much mayo...perfecto!) We took home some of the white ginger orange peach tea...yummy! After that, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises. It was...long. The movie was a little spoiled by the couple in front of us who were looking at their BLINDINGLY BRIGHT cell phone, and got..vocally abusive when Michael asked them to stop (I had to go out and get security), and the fact that drinking a pot of white tea before a three hour movie is a Very Bad Idea. At least, if you want to sit through the whole movie.

Sunday started off "normal"...Michael had to be up early to run sound, and after church we went grocery shopping. When we got home, there were TWO messages on the answering machine. This NEVER happens on a Sunday...TWO?? It was indeed bad news...Dad was in the hospital with complications from his gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. A stitch popped and he had a hernia. No one seemed very concerned...until we got to the hospital just after he came out of surgery to fix the hernia. When they intubated him, he aspirated some stomach fluid. This means he inhaled acid. This is not good. Suddenly, he was on a ventilator in ICU (intensive care) and chances of recovery were 2/3! I'll skip the drama and tell you that he is doing much, much better today...he is awake and responsive, but still much in need of prayer.

And that's why there was no International Hermit and Stitch weekend for me.

Dad in hospital (improving). Work still bad. Sleep...not so much.


Shirlee said...

Will definitely keep your dad in my prayers Heather. Hugs to you!

Annie said...

A lot of excitement for one weekend! Sending positive thoughts for your Dad's recovery.

cucki said...

your dad is in my prayers..
big hugs xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry you had such a dreadful weekend. Hope Dad makes a full recovery.

Let's all sing together "Always look on the bright side of life..." (for all the Monty Python fans)

Valentina said...

I hope your dad will be better soon. Hugs.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better. It sounds like you all had quite the scare.

Daffycat said...

Good grief! You go off to church and all hell breaks loose! Your dad is in my prayers!

ROFLOL at drinking tea before the movie. I'd have to "go" at least three times during and again before we left the theatre!

Anne said...

I love your sewing rave comment. Imagine that!! LOL! Those people with bright cell phone lights in theaters suck big time. So sorry you had to go get security and that they wouldn't just be civil and turn off their cells. Sigh.

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he's okay!

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