Friday, August 8, 2008

League of My Own

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Stitching Olympics, Knitting Olympics, Ravelympics, it seems like that's all I'm hearing!! Well, I've been so busy, I haven't had time to formulate a grand plan like casting on my first ever lace shawl during the Opening Ceremonies and binding it off during the Closing Ceremonies or finishing 20 UFOs or knitting an entire anything, really. But I am looking forward to increased crafting time. So I came up with some events for me, with medals in each. I had to add a "Platinum" medal in a couple...and I added a "Bonus" category to a few, too, which is not a medal but a reward for getting everything else done.

Bead Relay
Bronze: Finish unspecified gift
Silver: Redo dragon stitch holders
Gold: Finish Jing Quo necklace and earrings
Platinum: Make black/white earrings

Chore Steeplechase
Bronze: Send in passport application
Silver: Sew on all missing buttons/beads in mending pile
Gold: Fix ripped seams, alter pillowcases
Platinum: Make Tech volleyball shirt

Synchronized Shawling
Bronze: Complete second endpiece of Herringbone Block Shawl
Silver: Add 5 blocks
Gold: Knit enough blocks to match the first piece
Platinum: Finish. Bwahahahahaaaa…

Tubey Tornado (a sailing event)
Bronze: Complete 2 colored stripes
Silver: Complete 4 stripes
Gold: Complete the sweater!
Bonus: Cast on /swatch bamboo tank or Molly sweater

Autumn Jewels Clean & Jerk
Bronze: Finish chrysanthemum and verse
Silver: Finish stitching
Gold: Finish border
Bonus: Start Spring Jewels or Spring Garden Gate

Peacock Dressage
Bronze: Finish top of Peacock Cypher
Silver: Finish first page of Peacock Cypher
Gold: Work on Peacock Tapestry
Platinum: Finish half of Peacock Cypher

Is this doable? Probably not. Realistic? Not even close. Fun anyway? You betcha.

Go USA!!


Jean in Georgia said...

Have a good time!

Karin said...

What a great way to get yourself motivated...

Shanta Hayes said...

Go Team Heather! I'd love to see a platinum medal:P

Jill said...

I'm rooting for you!!!

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Go Heather!

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