Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dancing Queen?

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For Christmas, I got Michael a 5-pack of tickets to Georgia Tech basketball games. Since our coliseum is being remodeled, some of the games are being held in Philips Arena. Thursday night we went to the Georgia Tech - UVA basketball game, and we found out our seats are pretty close to the court, which is awesome. Close enough, in fact, that I had great hopes of actually catching one of the T-shirt bombs they hurl into the audience. But we all know how that is ultimately going to end up for the short girl: No T-shirt for me.

BUT WAIT!! What's the guy who's normally throwing the T-shirts doing up in the crowd? (And by "up in," I mean at row 10 where we were sitting.) He's recruiting people for some crazy half-time stunt! HOW CAN I SAY NO TO THAT??

I think they mean, "UN-LIMITED"!
As I made my way out on the court, trying to avoid being kicked in the head by the dance team, I wondered what I'd have to do to get my T-shirt. Probably something vaguely athletic, trying to throw a ball through some small hole from very far away, causing the crowd to chortle with mirth and raise a rousing chorus of "AIR-BALL, AIR-BALL!" Or perhaps something involving a blindfold, where I crawl around on the floor towards targets to win FABULOUS VALUABLE PRIZES while the audience helpfully yells, "TO YOUR RIGHT!" "STRAIGHT AHEAD!" "FASTER!!!" simultaneously?? (I've seen it done. NOT pretty.)

What? Musical chairs? Oh, well, that's OK then. Wait, why is the guy holding four of us back? What are WE going to do?

Hmmm...*sniff sniff*...smells like a dance contest. I'm afraid I didn't win (the old guy got the sympathy vote), but I'm not afraid to admit that I busted out some Dance Central moves during the competition. =) At least the crowd cheered for me! But most importantly, I GOT MY T-SHIRT. And it was even a medium (a rarity in the sea of XXLs they were showering into the crowd).
(I am hoping that 11-12 is for 2011-2012, and not the record we're shooting for, although things honestly aren't looking so good right now.)
I love the back!

Speaking of Dance Central, I am in a total grudge match with it right now. I'm trying to get my very last achievement, "Something to Prove," which involves getting 100% on all the teaching recaps. If anyone knows how to conquer "Dip It," hit me in the comments. =(

Apparently, I will do almost anything for a T-shirt.


Aimee said...

Fun! Go, Heather, go!

Sorry, I'm no help on Dance Central. I had to give it up; it kills my knees with all that side-to-side stuff. Very annoying. Good luck with that last achievement, though!

Delusional Knitter said...

How cool is that!!! Wish I could be there to see you debut!!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I always embarrass my husband when I volunteer to "participate" in activities like this - I remember doing something at Universal Studios once, and he was mortified.

Glad you got a t-shirt out of it!!!

geeky Heather said...

I can relate, since it's really easy to embarrass my dad like that, and with four girls...he got embarrassed a lot. =) But fortunately, my hubby is my biggest fan. He was actually pretty mad I didn't win...especially since the guy who did win was just a pity vote.

Melanie said...

Lol! Congrats on getting your t-shirt. :)

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