Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First TUSAL of 2011

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It's the first TUSAL of the new year!

(What's a TUSAL? Hey, it's a stitch-a-long that anyone can keep up with! Basically, you collect your thread orts (scraps) in a pretty jar all year. It's like a sparkly strata of historically sedimentary thread goodness. Each new moon, you post a picture of your orts. For my purposes, I have a small "jar"--actually a tea light holder--that I collect orts in. Each new moon, it gets emptied into a larger ort jar for the year. Thus, each month when the sky is empty of the moon, my jar starts empty of any orts. All symbolic and stuff. +1 to literary devices.)

I was a little confused on what the first TUSAL of the year should be. I mean, it's the first one of the year, so should I be showing all of last year's orts? Just an empty ort container? Should I have orts since the last new moon? I decided to show all the orts...more interesting than an empty jar, at lesat. You'll see orts from Sapphire Star (NOW! With extra frogging for MORE ORTS!!) and an ornament I stitched "quickly" (always a relative term for me) in December for my stitch group's ornament exchange...
I have no picture of it finished into an ornament because I literally ran out the door once it was finished. Actually, that's not true...I ran out the door after finishing it, changing clothes, fixing my face, cutting up half a pineapple, a quart of strawberries and three bananas for fondue, and wrapping it, all in 45 minutes. But it sounded more dramatic the other way. Stupid honesty.

FINALLY, here's my large ort jar filled with last year's orts; the small jar has the past month's orts.

In the background you can see some cookie tins, and they are all nearly empty now. On a completely unrelated note, I really need to play some more Kinect games.

Many thanks to Sharon for taking up the mantle of hosting the TUSAL! There's still time for you to participate if you get your camera clicking SOON!


Danielle said...

I wondered about the start of the TUSAL also. I figured it would start with January 1, although since the first new moon being January 4 there probably wouldn't be too many threads. But if you did it last year, you would be showing orts from the new moon in December until the new moon today. That makes sense.

Parsley said...

You already have lots in your TUSAL. That's great!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh love that ornament!!!

Daffycat said...

It makes no difference what ORTs you give us a peek at...we just need a photo near the new moon and it's all good!

Thanks for joining my SAL!

Ziggyeor said...

bwahaha I love your sparkly strata of historically sedimentary thread goodness. That means I have a nice sample on my desk that I called a Rectangular Rainbow Tribble I named George. He does have a few sparkles if you look close.

Jill said...

I can send a picture of the finished ornament since I was the lucky recipient!

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