Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crazy Challenge, Weekend 3

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You would think that with being snowed in the whole week, and having a 3-day weekend, I would have gotten a lot more done on my third start, Random Thoughts, than this:
(Sorry for the crappy flash picture, but it was SO cloudy and dark this morning.)


The snow did not result in any days off for me. And,I kept hoping that the fabric for this would show up, so I was putting off starting it. Luckily, the fabric showed up on Saturday, so I was able to prep it and make a small start on Sunday. I didn't get a lot of time to work on it Monday, either, but that's OK because we were playing Settlers of Catan with friends and seeing pictures from another couple's work in India.

Last week's progress on Mystery II is somewhat very uninspiring; the first day I worked on it, I decided I couldn't stand the orange in the center anymore (long boring story about Waterlilies Antique Brass changing from goldy-brown to orange/blue/gray and stitching with the ugly new one before finding an old skein, blah blah blah). So, I frogged it. That took the whole night; I literally put one stitch in. Negative progress! The next night we watched Ponyo, which is fantastic but visually beautiful and subtitled...i.e., Not Conducive to Stitching. We also watched a nice Bollywood musical...possibly even WORSE for stitching because whereas Mandarin words to English words is like 10:1, Hindi translates at a rate of about 1:3! You have to read FAST!

I'm already starting to think that this is not going to get finished this year...

I think my monthly plan is going to have to be something like 1 week for Random Thoughts, 2 weeks for Mystery II, and 1 week for "other".

3 starts down, 2 to go...

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Delusional Knitter said...

The second one looks like its already got a lot done on it though!

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