Monday, January 24, 2011

The End of the Thing...Sort of

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Thank you for all the kind comments on my "completely intentional redesign" of the house on the top row to look like our loft! =) Of course, when I got home I realized that I could have done a little better job with the ground floor, so I may redesign the redesign a bit next month....

I did everything I needed to do this month on Random Thoughts to put me on a good pace for finishing this year:
That's the entire top row, with two of the borders done. The instructions say to wait to stitch the borders until you withdraw the threads for the hemstitching, but the way I figure it, I only need to wait on the borders around the four corners (someone PLEASE tell me if I am wrong NOW!)

So, great progress!! I finished the second border--counting VERY CAREFULLY, because I feel like I am going out on a limb here stitching these borders without the whole thing finished--I noticed that the dang large pine tree (of course it's the large one) is one stitch too far to the right. Even though I completed the rapid stitch under it first, for the express purpose of avoiding THIS VERY THING. I can't fudge it, because the left and right edges are equidistant from the hemstitching. I'd have to fudge the rest of the rows, plus at least two borders. And if I don't have the mental capacity to stitch it right in the first place, I probably can't handle all that. ;) I've already frogged it, so I don't have to face it next month. It won't take me long to restitch. I just hope I don't run out of fiber...this is a kit!

Pictures of this weekend's start tomorrow....

Pay no attention to that tree on the right!


woolwoman said...

Random thoughts is one of my fave DT pieces - I hope you continue to make good progress on yours. It was funny reading your brisket story - I stopped in central GA on the way home from AL this weekend and bought a 3.5 lb one - however we are smoking ours - hope it comes out good and doesn't turn out to be food for 2 for the entire winter! Melody

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I haven't stitched Random Thoughts, so I have no thoughts on the border.

I'm sorry about the tree that you will need to frog - I hope it stitches up again quickly.

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