Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy Challenge Update

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I don't have a clever title, but I do have progress to show.
After getting a good start on this last weekend, it was just so easy to keep going! So I continued stitching the "lead lines" of the stained glass while they're not boring me. I still kind of want to keep going; they're so relaxing (i.e., MINDLESS).

But this canvas is too big to haul to stitch group, so I grabbed one of my already-in-progress pieces for my challenge, Just Nan's Keep a Little Secret. I didn't make much more progress, because I really need daylight for this over-one stitching.

Finally, I thought I'd show a progress picture of Dasher. I worked on him before the New Year, but I haven't touched him this month. I might get back to him at the end of the month; I'd like to hit all the Challenge projects in January. I changed a lot of the colors--the deer itself from golds to browns, and all the greens, including the Waterlilies. I had stitched all the Waterlilies on the deer's wreath and then finally decided I wasn't going to be happy with them and frogged them.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's Challenge posts! Between that and the TUSAL, I'm meeting lots of new bloggers; such fun! How's your January stitching going?

Two in progress pieces, and more progress on a new start for the Crazy Challenge.


Delusional Knitter said...

Dasher looks great, you picked good colors, can't imagine what it looked like before, the colors you picked just look so right for it.

I haven't stitched anything this month, mostly knitting.

StitchinKat said...

Love your progress on Dasher and Secret....just did Christmas Secret myself, did the peacock last and quick! Hope you are not too put out by snow, it's not here just yet but on the way!

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