Friday, January 28, 2011

Exotic Training Locales

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My goal this month was to "touch" every project on my Crazy Challenge list...that is, stitch at least some on the six WIPs while starting five others. It's down to the wire; I'm flying out for training on Sunday (oh, the excitement!), so I'm going to take this weekend's start with me. That means I only have today to touch the final project (Stumpwork Bumblebee)...I'm going to get right on that! I did spend a little time on Shakespeare's Garden (after I dug deep into my mental capacity and unearthed the location of the beads I finally located for sale--the reason I'd stopped stitching the project in the first place):
The fabric I'm working on was a Silkweaver Limited Edition, and boy, do I wish I could get more of it. It's so soft, and the color is so perfectly beigey-taupey with little swirls....

Anyway! I gotta get something done on the Bumblebee before I have to leave for...yeah. We've been trying to take this training class for MONTHS, and they had us signed up in all kinds of fun places...Toronto...! Dallas (I've never been to TX)! New York City (at Christmas time! THE ROCKETTES!!!) Washington, D.C...! But we...we are going to...wait for it...

Raleigh, NC. Now I'm sure Raleigh is a very lovely place (last time I was there, like 15 years ago, I only saw office parks), but C'MON!! New York??!? I only feel OK about this because it's sodangcold up there right now.

"Guaranteed to Run" don't mean a thing when attached to a Red Hat class.


Jackie's Stitches said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal! Enjoy your training and I'm hoping Raleigh will entertain you!

Delusional Knitter said...

Sorry you can't go anywhere exciting or exotic :o) Great stitching!

Annette said...

Beautiful sampler!

I'm headed to NYC 2/7 for work. I'm concerned my serious lack of winter apparel is going to leave me... freezing!

Annie said...

Shakespeare's Garden is such a lovely piece. Looks like fun with all those different stitches.

After just going through 48 hours without power, I'd say be glad you are going south!

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