Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year, Maybe More Blogging?

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Well, looks like I fell off the blogging wagon again.

Work has been soul-crushing; I won't bore you here. I was so looking forward to the holidays, and then three days before Christmas, I came down with the flu. This meant I had to miss Christmas Eve services (my favorite thing all year!) and Christmas day with my family. Fortunately we were all together on New Year's Day, so I at least got a kind of makeup Christmas. :) Michael got it after Christmas (plus bonus bronchial infection!) and it has continued to kick our butts for weeks and weeks.

The good news is that we took our 14-year-old niece/goddaughter to Disney World for the first time ever before I got sick, and she loved it. I won't lie; I was worried...after all, she IS a teenager! But after about 3 hours at the Magic Kingdom, she said, "I think I'd like some ears..." and my heart grew three sizes. ;)

I have not been stitching at all; I signed up for Loopy Academy again, AND decided to make my sister a shawl for Christmas, so it's been all knitting all the time. I do have a lot of finishes to share...it looks like I haven't talked about Loopy Academy since Freshman year, and I just finished the first semester of Junior year!

One stitching finish I had last year that I never blogged about was...the second of Nora Corbett's Christmas Eve Couriers!
Named, appropriately, Dancer. =)

At the rate I am going, I will be done with all eight when I am 70 years old.

Of course, I immediately started Prancer.
Aaaaand, I haven't touched it for six months. Prancer's going on a weekend retreat with me, though! Not an "official" retreat, just a very kind friend who has a vacation condo and lets some of us girls come crash every now and then.

Good thing I never make resolutions or do year-end wrap-up posts...


Tiffstitch said...

Good to hear from you and nice finish on Dancer! Of course you had to start Prancer immediately too, even if he's been lonely for a while. Glad you're starting to feel better, I've been hit by a fair amount of illness the last 6 weeks as well.

Bea said...

Glad to hear your feeling better, but there are a bunch of nasty bugs all over the place.

Dancer looks fab and it's a good new start, if a little neglected.

jocondine said...

Hi, Dancer looks amazing, very nice stitching, (we won't wait your 70 birthday). I hope every one feel better now, here it's "ER" with DD1 family since December 15th, we had flu and wait for microbes to go away far from us. Wish you an happy new year! Grosses bises. (lot of kisses).

Justine said...

Dancer is beautiful, hope Prance doesn't take too long to join him! Hope you enjoy your mini break.

Kerryp77 said...

SOrry to hear about the awful flu. Dancer looks stunning. Lets hope you get lots of stitching done on your retreat - sounds like you need it.

Terri said...

Dancer is gorgeous! Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Prancer.

Julie said...

Dancer looks fabulous
We got the germs just before Christmas too, and they are still hanging about....

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you back. Dancer is wonderful, love all the beads and bling. Hopefully Prance will be joining him sooner rather than later.
You managed to blog more in 2016 than 2015 anyway so maybe you're on an upward climb again?
Hope you have better health in 2017.

woolwoman said...

glad to hear you are back among the living - DH got sick on Christmas eve and we thought it was the flu but he shook it pretty quickly and then 3 days later I got something different so two holiday were shot.
glad to hear knitting is going on. Love Dancer - so pretty! Take care - hope you will include Prancer on your duClay challenge list !
cheers Mel

Jackie's Stitches said...

So sorry to hear that you and Michael have been sick! That's rotten! I hope you are 100% very soon.

Dancer is fabulous!

Brigitte said...

Such a wonderful finish - Dancer looks so great.
Good luck with your plans for the new year.

Heather said...

Welcome back! Beautiful finish! I have these on my wishlist after I finish her Bewitching Pixies.

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