Thursday, August 9, 2007


Let's follow yesterday's cranky post with a nice, calming one. Our new headboard:

I've always had a mattress and boxsprings, but this new bed will just have the mattress; hence the "slats". They're all connected with woven tape, like some massivly wide ladder for extremely short-legged people. Actually, it kind of makes me want to get some mallets and see what kind of a xylophone it'd be. Although we had no real "trouble" putting it together, the crappy hardware and inaccurate diagrams really made us appreciate IKEA furniture! Here's a shot of the bed through the screen. This is an interesting collection of things. The chair on the right was a Christmas present from DH one year. It's so comfortable, but sadly, I have sat in it very little. The reason is that it sat in a strange spot in the old place. There was no side table beside it, it faced away from the TV, and it was across the room from the sofa and other chairs. I envision mornings off sitting in this chair, with some nice green tea and a book. At least, when it's too cold or too hot to sit on the deck. =) The table top is Spanish marble that, family legend has it, was "smuggled" into the US aboard Air Force One. DH's grandfather was a navigator on Air Force One (or Air Force Two, if you believe DH's parents rather than his grandfather. I choose to believe his grandfather. =) The legs on the table came from a grand piano. I have no idea of the history of the piano, but the legs were "upside down" from how they are used on the table. Finally, the vase is from this year's ADAC sale. It was handmade in China by teenage girls (according to the dealer, the boys just aren't as good at the intricate work, duh!) and is a copy of an antique (I can't recall the Dynasty) that sold for $35,000!! We got it for $35. I'm all for paying 0.01%!!.


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous bed - your bedroom looks like a calming retreat. Can't wait to see the bed with coverings!

TeresaB said...

Looks like things are shaping up at LottLoft2. (Or should that be LottLoftDeux?) I think your chair looks like a great place to knit. Maybe a nice basket under the table with some sock yarn???

geeky Heather said...

I think LottLoftDeux. =)

Great idea for a knitting chair...hmm, now if only someone had given me a most fashionable basket for yarn...oh, wait, you have!! ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Heather, love your hradboard! Your place is going to be so swanky!

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