Friday, August 3, 2007

Quick loft update

Eeek, it's been a week since I last posted!! Well, the night we closed, DH and I had dinner on the deck. It was just sandwiches and blueberries, but it was fabulous.

Though it was hazy, the sunset was beautiful. The temperature was perfect. And we were sitting on our deck!!

We had already spent the previous weekend building out our closet (all IKEA) with help from a friend; this weekend was dedicated to curtains. Ironing 100% cotton sheers and Dupioni silk panels is not a good time, let me tell you. Especially when they are 102"x108". For the sheers, you are pretty much fighting a losing battle, because the instant you touch them, they wrinkle. In fact, if you even cast a glance in their direction, they wrinkle. But, I figure it's so humid here that the wrinkles will fall out soon anyway! I don't have pictures of the curtains yet, but here are some shots of the big closet build-out in progress. My husband. What a ham. I didn't really chop off our coworker's head in the actual shot, I'm just cropping to protect the innocent. They really did work hard; I figure they toted over 200 pounds of lumber up two flights of stairs, around hairpin bends. I think I hauled over 100, although in many more trips than they made. The closet looks just great now...yeah, I don't have any pictures of that, yet, either. My contribution to the whole affair was building the drawers.

Can you see how small the box was that they came in?? Those IKEA people are really geniuses of packing. I think I could build an IKEA KOMPLEMENT drawer in my sleep now.

This weekend I'm packing and hopefully we're putting down the IKEA floor in the ground floor room, despite the architects wanting us to hold off until the next big rain to make sure there aren't any more leaks on the ground floor. (Although they assure us the one we saw was due to the painters in the other townhome flushing paint rags down the toilet and it overflowing (!!)) Yes, I know. Idiots.


Jean in Georgia said...

So, like, is actual furniture and stash and stuff moving in soon???

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

What a gorgeous deck! I love decks - we're on the 20th floor in downtown Chicago; our deck is about 4' x 15' (tiny, but large enough for a grill and 2 chairs - no table room though).

geeky Heather said..., yes...stash, not yet. The "Craft Cabana" has yet to be floored.

Susan...thanks!! As far as I'm concerned, any deck is a good deck! Especially after living with NO deck/porch/anything for 10 years!!!

Terri said...

Congratulations on finally getting in! I love IKEA! I could live in their stores.

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