Saturday, August 4, 2007

Now THOSE are some nice-looking legs

The new sofa arrived yesterday (along with the headboard) in a very sneaky fashion. I wouldn't expect this sort of behavior from a piece of furniture, especially not a nice, comfortable sofa. The delivery guys were great; although the store website had warned that home delivery included delivery to a ground floor, they carried the stuff up to the second floor, unpacked the boxes, and removed the packing material (supposedly only a "white glove" service). Once the delivery guys left, I looked at the sofa and thought, "Hunh. That's way lower than I remember it sitting." And I didn't remember it having teensy, tacky plastic legs, I thought they were elegant wood legs. I went back to the old place (with its handy Internet connection) and looked up the sofa on the store's website. Sure enough, the sofa on the website was definitely taller. So I called customer service, thinking maybe they could send the truck back quickly, but the rep told me, "Oh, is it the Tillary sofa? Yeah, we tried to keep that one on the down low...the legs are actually stored inside the sofa. Just look for the zippered compartment on the bottom."

Well, what do you know?

Once I put those sneaky legs on the sofa, it looked much better....

It's still pretty low, but we like it. Now, the cool thing is that those bolsters can move around (but still support your weight without slipping). So the sofa can also look like this.

Or even this (cute but smug-looking male is non-standard equipment on this model). The headboard also arrived; I hope to have pictures soon. And while it's super-cool, the inaccurate diagrams and crappy hardware made us appreciate allll that IKEA furniture even more.


TeresaB said...

Now who's legs were you commenting on? Seriously, the sofa looks fab! Can't wait to try it out for myself.

strong said...

Anyone else out there who's tried this sofa? I've been thinking about getting one for a while but keep hearing conflicting feedback. Please, if you own one let me know for how long and your honest opinion. Thanks

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