Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Graffiti Jerkwad

There are just a couple of disadvantages of living downtown. One of them is getting graffitied occasionally. You might shudder as you pass by these atrocities, thinking, "Gangs! Boy, I'm glad I don't live down here!" But from experience, we can tell you that it's actually suburban white kids who perpetrate these lame illustrations of their imagined angst, trying to get in touch with their "inner beaten-down urban youth" (and, occasionally, crazy white guys). Now, I'm not talking about graffiti art, which can be very cool-looking and is usually found in clumps on universally acknowledged abandoned buildings. I'm talking about the people who just spray paint for the "fun" of it. My mom used to have a little saying about these people. It went something like, "Fools' names and fools' faces are often found in public places." She usually said it when we went into a restroom where someone had scrawled "Jackie 'n' Stephen 4-EVER!" on the wall. So last night the new place got hit. And it was the only place on the street that did. This is unusual; most of the time they scrawl every few feet or so. But the little princess that did this (I'm pretty sure it was a pre-teen chick) only hit the place with the curtains, to maximize her giddy, adrenaline-rushed, giggly "big caper" delusion. I've blurred out her crap in the picture so she can't find this and text her friends on her rhinestone-encrusted RAZR, "omg..luk on blog..lolz!" What really ticks me off is that poor DH and some friends were up 'til about 1:30 in the morning last night (er, this morning...) putting down an IKEA floor in our ground floor room. So now instead of resting, he is off at Home Depot purchasing paint to cover up the prepubescent doodle. I know Princess Paintcan probably won't be able to get the car from Daddy for another few nights now that school has started, but we like people to know we're on top of it. I just hope next time DH is awake for it and can hold her for the cops like he's done before!


TeresaB said...

Why must people do these things? Hopefully she'll drive by in a couple of days withe her "crew" after talking all about what she did and find NOTHING there. Can't you just hear the laughter???

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Oh, Heather, that's terrible! I have never understood this kind of thing, ever. You should be enjoying your new place, not dealing with this kind of crap. On one hand, I hope you catch the perp. OTOH, I hope they don't ever come back, which would then not afford you the opportunity to catch them.

Unknown said...

That's awful. We live downtown (Chicago), and have been really fortunate that we have never been struck, but I would definitely be planning ways to take revenge. I hope she gets caught netx time.

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