Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blatant Ravelry Kiss-Up Post

I want in Ravelry. Bad. But I'm such a new knitter, fame (and my lack thereof) is not going to get me anywhere. When I signed up for the waiting list, I remember reading that they were looking at our blogs, so in the teensy, tinsy off-chance that they read mine, I just want them to know:

1) Even though I've been talking about the new place a lot lately, and I don't have the words "needle", "yarn", or "knit" in my blog name, I do, in fact, knit. I even knit tonight on the Errant Lace Socks.

2) I am a software developer. Therefore, I will not send you bug reports saying, in total, "This doesn't work." I will first make sure it's a reproducible error, and then I will document all the conditions that led me to the error, and then I will send you something helpful like, "I was on view X in tab Y, and when I clicked button Z, I got the following error message...."

3) I'm a chronic Beta-tester. I've Beta-tested Star Wars Galaxies and Halo 3 multiplayer. And also an obscure Smalltalk PDF report writer.

4) Did I mention I am a software developer? I have skillz with Java, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle (and other "lesser" databases) and a bunch of other stuff.

5) Ravelry looks sooo kewllll...please invite me? Mom always said it never hurts to ask. =)


Casey said...

haha - nice try. Although I like nice bug reports and it's fun to show off the site to other geeks, we just can't let anyone cut in line. I even make poor Jess turn down bribes involving yarn!

TeresaB said...

You are such a kiss-up H! And hey, they've already got at least one excellent tester in the group (yeah I meant me). Be patient, I'm sure you'll be there soon. And anyway, you don't have enough time right now to play in Ravelry, it can be a serious time drainer...in an absolutely GREAT way!

geeky Heather said...

Wow, thanks for responding, casey! I feel special, even if I'm not "in" yet. =) Let the record show, however, that I wasn't trying to cut line...just trying to ensure that when my turn came, I'd get an invite and not a "pass". I wasn't taking it for granted that just because I signed up to get an invite from Ravelry, I'd get one. I was just trying to make sure you all knew I am "worthy".

T, I will sleep better at night now that I remember you're in there with your expert testing. ;)

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