Sunday, March 31, 2013

Theme-a-licious March Madness Wrap Up

I think this update might be a little anticlimactic. I've done pretty well showing you what I've drawn from the Sparkly Compote of Decree as the month has gone along. I may get to work on one more thing tonight, but then I'll be heads-down trying to finish my sock before the next club yarn ships! I had to spend one of my theme days trying to finish my ornament. Well, it's still not 3-D, but at least all the stitching's done.

Friday after I finished the ornament, I did get to do some work on another project pulled out of the SCOD.

I love the way this project is going...I substituted some colors, because I HATE Silk Mori. I had to use that nasty stuff on the roof of my ornament, and it just reinforced how much I detest it. But now I'm using the lovely Soie Cristale, which stitches like a dream.

Overall, March Madness went pretty well for me. I had a small finish, a WIP I was able to let go, and another project I decided wasn't actually started, so it doesn't belong in the SCOD after all. I had put it in there because the class practice piece wasn't done...I decided that's too loose a definition of a WIP for me. =)

Now it's time for...
Amazon April
Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!

I'm always sad to see March Madness go, but a little relieved to get back to some (relatively) more focused stitching. Of course, this is me, so I won't just be working on one huge project. I have some catching up to do with Toccata I, my EGA's group project. I also want to work on Autumn Queen again. I'll pick out at least one other big project...what will it be? Convent's Herbal Garden? Les Rubans? Peacock Tapestry? Something huge I start??? What would be your vote? Stay tuned. =)

Ornament Theme
Santa or elves

This one is going to be easy for me...I'm going to finish my Lapland Santa (finally!)

So how did you end up your month of madness? How are you going to tackle Amazon April? Please add your link below (to your wrap up post), and visit some other Themers if you can (everyone loves comments and encouragement!) Our next post will be on the 15th of April, when we'll check in with Amazon April!

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4. Karoline
5. Paula
6. Gillie
7. Tiki Stitches
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9. Katie
10. Sherrie

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socialsue said...

I posted a photo of what I have been working on in my blogspot. One of my HAEDs project will be my April project since it is huge.

Katri said...

March Madness was fun; for April I'm aiming to finish TW's The Guardian. It's not the biggest wip, but it is nevertheless big and also the oldest wip (9 years). Worth tackling :)

Lapland Santa! I'll be following that with interest (you do know that Santa really lives in Lapland? :) )

woolwoman said...

I might join you all on Amazon April - no doubt I have huge quantities of linen I can dip into for April. Enjoyed seeing your Celtic piece - very pretty - hope you and DH had a great Easter. Enjoy April - Melody

Karoline said...

The SCOD threw up some nice projects for March. the knotwork is looking lovely

Lynda Hardy said...

I hoped my entry - I enjoyed last month's challenge, but looking forward to getting some progress on larger projects!

Paula said...

Great progress this month Heather.

Gillie said...

We get to do this every March.....oh glory! Well, I did it but nearly finished me! I have to say it is really making me dig deep in the glory hole that is my stitching!

Topcho said...

March madness was fun! In my case, it may not look much like a madness, but for me, it's crazy I actually did so much! XD The celtic project looks lovely, and with such pretty colours.

Nic said...

Love the knotwork and the colours you picked.
I didn't join in with March, but April might be a good time to pick upsome stitching again.

Bonnie Brown said...

Good luck with your TW. I can't wait to see your progress. I am starting a SAL on May 1st with the Fortunate Traveler :)

Anne said...

Lovely progress Heather! Glad to hear you can focus on stitching in April!!

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
I'll be joining the Amazon April. I'll be working on my new quilt. I call it a Coloring Book Quilt. Thanks for letting me join in even though my "stuff" isn't cross stitch. Have a great day!

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