Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Orchid Daze 2013

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I am in the process of going through all the Disney/LA photos (I was doing pretty well marking favorites, but then I kind of lost the will to live when I hit the Small World pictures...I had the camera on auto-advance to try and get at least a few good ones, so those account for probably 800 of the 1300...I jest. =) The recap posts will be coming soon, but until then, let me distract you with beautiful orchids!

Orchid Daze started February 3rd at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and it goes until April 14th, so you have plenty of time to go check it out. Bonus: If you go soon, you'll also see all the tulips blooming outside! The theme this year is "Surreal Beauty", so they have styled the various displays after the work of different surrealist artists.
First, up, Salvador Dali...
The quote is kind of difficult to read; it's "Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision."
The whole entry hallway is mirrored. No melting clocks, though. =) This section had the colors that popped the most, like this...
...and this...
...and this!
This section also has some glass cases with jungle frogs in them (always there). The frogs were in high visibility mode rather than hiding beneath leaves...I think they felt the competition from the extra orchids!
This shot was made possible by the flexible spot focus feature of my lovely camera. =)

In the main orchid house, I'm not exactly sure who the inspirational artist was...the doors leading in had artwork by Giorgio de Chirico, but I don't find a lot of women's shoes in his work.
I understand they were working with the Surrealism theme (Orchids in Shoes! CRAZY!), but this is my least favorite center lacks the impact of last year's hanging gardens. It's not the fact that it relies upon a gimmick that I dislike, it's that the orchids get lost in clever-clever land and you can't get close enough to appreciate the individual blooms they used to fill the shoes.

But you're not hear to read my pseudo-intellectual blather critique. You're here to see gorgeous orchids! The orchids in here were well-lit with sunshiny day we had. More pops of color...
Can I get a dress in this lovely purple??
Some really fantastic shapes, as well...
These orchids were like a foreshadowing of daffodils (remember this was the beginning of February)...
The large central space between greenhouses was an homage to Renee Magritte.
It was really "raining" from under that suspended umbrella on the pole.
It's raining orchids! Hallelujah! =)

I loved the density of these rosy-pink blooms. They reminded me of gladiolas (only prettier!)
It was kind of hilarious to watch how many people took pictures of themselves in front of that cloudy background. Like they'd never been outside and were in some kind of museum of beautiful weather. =)

Some of Magritte's common symbols were a male figure in a bowler hat, or just a bowler hat, so I loved what they did here in the entryway to the High Elevation House.
I think this part of the collection, with the mountain-dwelling orchids, had some of the most surreal shapes!
The constant misting was getting a little annoying, but it made for great back lit pictures!
OK, this last one just looks alien!

You have until April 14th to go enjoy these beauties in person! Go soon to also enjoy Atlanta Blooms! where the garden is swimming in just-bloomed bulbs.


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oooh how pretty!

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Gorgeous place!! :D thank you for sharing these wonderful pics with us :) beautiful!!!

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So much gorgeousness!!! :)

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Man oh man... thoee orhcids are soooooooo pretyyyt!!!!!!!

Iio,... gess I should e lookig on here instead of rnandomly stypng and drllling ovef orchids........


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