Monday, March 11, 2013

The Geekend That Was, 3/10 (Road to Recovery edition)

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Thank you all for the well wishes for Michael's health. His fever broke Friday morning (he had been hovering in the 101-103 F range, even with medication), which was a huge relief to me, and he seemed alert. I was going to say, "much more alert," but that would imply that he had been more than just barely conscious the rest of the week. Thursday night, I slept for TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT! I almost fell out of bed when I looked at the time Friday "morning"!

My DF Teresa was in town, so after I had "breakfast", I shockingly abandoned my sick husband and went to hang out and stitch at DF Jill's place. Don't worry; I made sure he was stocked with tissues, meds, chicken soup and ginger ale before I took off. And I didn't stay too long.

What's that? You want to know what I stitched on? Well, perhaps we'd better talk about the state of March Madness, then?

On March 1st and 2nd, I was at Disneyland, so, as I had (with great skill and finesse) predicted, I did nothing craft-related (unless you count watching my spouse sketch). On the 3rd, we were on a plane for four hours, so I worked on my Cookie A Sock Club club socks. =) On odd days, I'll continue to work on those socks until they are done (because if I get them done before the next shipment, I could win FABULOUS! PRIZES! or something). Then, on odd days I'll work on my EGA chapter's project...or my March ornament!

On March 4th, the Sparkly Compote of Decree decided to add insult to the injury of my super-sick spouse by smacking me upside the head with Magical Night.

Ah, Magical Night. I started you fifteen years ago (FIFTEEN!) and then decided that your backstitch colors weren't working for me. The amount of frogging overwhelmed me, and you got set aside. So, this was kind of depressing for my first March Madness project, but frogging was less depressing than admitting defeat, so frog I did.

Yay! Negative progress!

The 5th saw me turn the heel of the sock and start charging down the foot. I really need to get a picture of that sock!

On the 6th, the SCOD decided that its torture was not complete and gifted me with a one-over-one piece on silk gauze.


On the 8th, once I staggered out of bed, I was pretty sure the SCOD and I were going to have to have words. Or, I was going to have some words for it. The Sparkly Compote of Decree does not, despite continual personification, talk. I drew out a project. I stared at the slip of paper. I had no idea what it was. I was about to Google it when I realized it was a hat I'd already finished. So I drew again. (And possibly AGAIN, but you don't want to hear the whole sordid story.) Suffice it to say that the SCOD finally coughed up the coveted blank slip, the carte blanche, as it were. (Does anyone really know what "as it were" actually means? Enlighten me if you do.)

So, I chose Sapphire Star and got a good bit done on pattern one (the two colorful vertical sections).

Saturday we made a brief trek to lunch and the Botanical Gardens, where I sadly forgot my camera...very sadly, since the orchid show was going on. I still have orchid pictures I need to post! Michael only lasted about an hour at the Gardens. He was pretty wiped out afterward.

Sunday after church and grocery shopping, there was exhaustion on the couch. But then there were cookies!

These are AWESOME. They were one of the Cookie A Sock Club recipes...they're basically pecan sandies, only WAY better than the packaged kind. Light and crisp. YUM!

Hmmm...this is starting to sound like a Christmas carol..."On the 6th day of Madness, the Compote gave to me..."


Southpaw Stitcher said...

Glad to hear Michael is better. Your Sapphire Star piece is gorgeous! And the cookies look yummy! And negative progress is all part of The Journey. Ommmmm.

Kerryp77 said...

Glad Michael is on the road to recovery. well done on the MM progress, ine is somewhat lacking!

Annie said...

Nice to hear that Michael is recovering. There are some nasty viruses out there! The cookies look so good... I hope he could enjoy them too!

At least the frogging is done. I would have tossed that project rather than do all of that. You are a real trooper!

The Sapphire Star looks so pretty... very precise stitching in the center!

Chris said...

Fabulous projects and wonderful looking cookies!!

Heather said...

I'm glad Michael is on the mend.

Oh, Magical Night. I've stalled on mine too. I have more done, but I hate the fabric. I started mine back in (OMG!) 1997 or 1998. I think I should just admit I'm never going to finish it on that fabric and chuck it.

Joysze said...

Hi Heather!!! :D Glad to hear that Michael's better, as if your sinus infection.

I can't believe it was the Orchid Show again. I remember your gorgeous shots from last year. Now, where is the promised post of more orchid pics? *taps foot* hehehehe.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Stitching looks great, as always. I'm intrigued by Sapphire Star. :D

Annette said...

Glad Michael is on the mend and you had a fabulous birthday out here on the west side of the country :)

Evidently the SCOD is feeling neglected this year and making its power known! LOL

Ziggyeor said...

lolon the SCOD, glad hubs is feeling better. I've got a few projects started and worked on this month, I need to start some bookmark prizes.

Nic said...

Just catching up.
Glad to hear you had a good time at disney. Sorry to hear Michael got so sick. Good to hear the the fever has broken and he's on the mend.
Magical night looks great. And at least now that you have the frogging done, you can start moving forwards on this piece.
Love the other WIPs too

Melanie said...

Glad he is feeling better. This seemed like a TERRIBLE winter for sickness. Much worse than normal. :(

Magical Night looks quite nice, despite the issues you've had with it. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

"As it were" is short for "as it would be if it were so" , first recorded use in Chaucer in 1386. It's a Past Subjunctive. I knew the first fact, had to look up the 2nd two!

Can I have Magical Night as my reward? I just love this design but would never stitch all those shades of white and grey!

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