Monday, June 4, 2012

WIPocalypse in Absentia

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Not too much happened in the past month, between work and travel, but I got at least a little something done...

Tiny stitcher has some feet now!  She looks a lot calmer, doesn't she? =)
I got a teensy bit done on the border as well (please to not go look at the previous WIP picture to see just HOW little...).

I made a new start with DF Teresa (we no longer pretend to have stitch-a-longs...instead we just have "start-a-longs" =)
There are five garden gates in this series (four seasons and Millennium). I have Winter and Millennium done, and I know Teresa has at least one more (Summer) done.

This wee squirrel got a few more letters.
He'll get a friend next month. =)

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Anonymous said...


Your stitching is lovely. The sampler in the first photo is so pretty!

Lija Broka said...

Your designs have very beautiful colours!

dulcinella said...

The stitcher looks indeed a lot calmer. Good thing you gave her feet. After all we also like to have feet, not?:-) I think your stitching is lovely and the new explanation for SAL is great!

Chris said...

Any progress is great progress! They all look wonderful. Of course new starts are great too :)

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

Ha! Love the start-alongs comment - that's how my SALs usually go!

I'm glad your little stitcher has feet!

Jenny said...

You have so many pretty WIPs Hether! I am so jealous of your DT - it is such a pretty piece and you are so far along!
Rae's gates are all so pretty, but I am telling myself that I have too many of her kits at home now.... Have you already framed the Winter and Millennium designs? (If so, I'd liove to see a pic.)
Pretty floss color in the squirrel piece. Yep, I am good at start-alongs too... love the new concept LOL

Veronica said...

Start-A-Longs? Oooh... I like the sound of that ^.^ Your WiPs/new starts are looking great. Beautiful stitching.


Marcy said...

It's good to have feet .... and every squirrel needs a friend.

Your projects are looking great.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

lovely stitching. I don't think I want to be part of a start along. That would cause me to have too many WIPs!

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