Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 6/17

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Camnesia*: I've got it.

So, I will make this pictureless recap quick. Or as quick as I am genetically capable of making it.

Friday night we went to see Xanadu at Actor's Express with the Dunlaps. It. Was. AWESOME!! It's a loving "send up" of the 80s movie. It is absolutely cheesy, and knows it, and the cast flung themselves into the whirlpool of parody with complete abandon. This is the kind of show where the director says, "You can't go too far," and the cast takes that as a personal challenge. Fabulous!

Saturday after lunch at świt bakery and café ("Shveet"), we ran lots of errands, and spent hours going through pictures. We weeded things down from 1850 to about 500. After two presentations to the families on Sunday, I have concluded that THERE ARE STILL TOO MANY. I need to do further weeding before I start blogging.

Also, we must not try to squeeze both sets of parents in on the same day again!

Camnesia: Amnesia of the camera...i.e., forgetting to take your camera with you, even though you know there will be plenty of opportunity to use it.

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dulcinella said...

So nice to learn new English words:-)

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