Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rooftop Garden

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Excuse the drive-by post...vacation photos are coming, but we still haven't gone through them! We'll have to do it this weekend since we'll see both families for Father's Day and they will demand photos. This post is actually more for my memory than anything else. =)

Here's what we planted on the deck this year...

In our two EarthBoxes:
(on the right, by my attractive hubby)
Juliet Tomato
Random Bell Pepper

(on the left)
Tuscan Blue Rosemary
Purple Sage
Italian Oregano
Curly Mint
Sweet Basil
This picture was taken in mid-May. By the time I'm writing this, the "Random Bell Pepper" died off (I planted it while it was too small), and the tomato has grown to a gargantuan size. Last year's Juliet grew like crazy but the stems remained thin. This year's has really thick stems! A fat caterpillar attacked one tomato, but I flung him onto a nearby tree and there have been no more pest problems.

The basil, which last year grew like a weed, died out fairly quickly, and I have no idea why. =( I would like to plant some more. The sage, which last year died out, is growing like crazy! Such capricious herbs. I don't like the Curly Mint as well as the "regular" mint, but the "regular" is hard to find at garden stores...probably because "everyone" has it growing wild in their yards.

I have no idea when to harvest the leeks! Google tells me 1-2" in diameter...some may be ready by now...I need to check!

Flowers in pots...
Angelonia (my continual favorite!)
Pink Glow Purslane (peeking out to the right)
The Purslane is growing like crazy! I need to do some updated photos.

Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis (Peruvian Daffodil)
These guys were so cool!!! But they seem to be done now and not growing any more blooms. =( I've never seen a flower where the stamens grow directly from the petals like this!

"Tropical Vacation" Canna
There he is in back of the Spurge from last year (which is doing GREAT!! I love this guy!) No blooms...yet...we have several of these scattered around.

Yeah, I really need to get updated deck pictures!!


Jenny said...

What a pretty garden! Looks fabulous and the Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis is something else - have never seen that before. Gorgeous!

Erin (moviemuse) said...

I have some kind of mint growing in my yard. No idea if it's what you're looking for, but you're welcome to come and check it out (and take some with you) if you want.

Anonymous said...

having been here, you're obliged to call them right Heather.. :D
origano, basilico and rosmarino :D :D

Anonymous said...

Love the garden! I have the Tuscan Rosemary in my herbs as well. It gets HUGE!!! I love putting it on chicken to grill or bake!

Shirlee said...

Great garden! I also love the Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis but have never seen it before : )

Anne said...

Love your little rooftop garden Heather!! That pulsane is so pretty!!

Melanie said...

Very pretty! And soon to be yummy. :)
My basil dies off when it gets too wet here in the summer. It does NOT like to be too moist, that's for sure.

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