Monday, June 25, 2012

The Geekend That Was, 6/24

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What happened to the weekend??

Friday night we saw Brave (the new Pixar film), and it was fabulous. I managed to avoid too many spoilers, so I really enjoyed it. Honestly, when a new Pixar film comes out, I don't even really need a trailer...just tell me when to show up. So, I generally will watch the "teaser" trailer (the first one that comes out, that only tells you the concept..."Hey, this film's set in ancient Scotland!") Then I try to avoid any others, because they contain spoilers, no matter how subtle. I loved the short before the movie, too.

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of never-ending excitement encompassing laundry, errands, and general exhaustion. Also, I may have a slight "Scramble with Friends" addiction and need an intervention (I'm "lottloft" if you want to start a game with me =). I did manage to get some stitching in, including a start (finally!) on the "Waiting for Christmas" stitch-along designed by Manuela in Italy.

Now, my Italian is not very good (i.e., "nonexistent"), but I'm pretty sure that even if you miss the deadline for this first part (June 30th), you can still sign up for the remaining two parts. By the way, I don't think Google translate is really great at Italian, either....

I must say that this week is not off to a stellar start...I was an hour late for work (well, later would be more accurate) because the paramedics had to remove a woman from the MARTA tracks a station away from where I get off. I hope she's OK! I couldn't find any news articles about her condition!

Edited to add: I pushed the "publish" button too soon...I meant to link to Chiara's blog! She has helpfully commented below, and her blog is where I found out about the "Waiting for Christmas" SAL. You should check out her blog, anyway, because it's great. =)

Let's hope the commute is better tomorrow.


Erin (moviemuse) said...

Oh dear! May your commute be, um, body-on-tracks free tomorrow.

Heather said...

Wow, I hope your commute gets better this week. That is awful.

I love SAL. I may have to look into it. ;)

Shirlee said...

Lovely WIP : )

Anonymous said...

Heather! I just knew you'd go for an amazing fabric/fibers combo!! look at this!! :D
yep, you're right.. google translator works dreadfully with Italian.. sorry about that.. but for all of you who need info on the project, you can take a look at my blog, I explained everything in English.. and (of course!) entries are still open (and free!! :D)

totally agree with you on the Pixar thing, I didn't even watch the first teaser.. just taken a look at the website to see the official poster.. that's all I need to know when a Pixar movie comes out! :D
I'll have to watch this in Italian though (grrrrrrrrrr..) until the DVD comes out.. too bad..really too bad..

sorry for the lady, hope she's fine..

Anonymous said...

thank you Heather!! :D

woolwoman said...

oooooo pretty colors Heather - I know what you mean about the weekend flying by. Hopefully one will be rolling around again soon. Mel

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

It's not much fun when your train is late because of someone's misfortunate - you hate that this stranger is making you late, but then you feel bad for the stranger - as a long time rail commuter when I lived in Chicago, I know the feeling!

I want to see "Brave" - I might have to go and see it this weekend - I'm thrilled that we have a new movie theater close to where I live, it makes it so much more convenient than driving 15 miles to the movies.

Unknown said...

A wonderful project I love the threads you picked.Off to follow the link......

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