Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday (lacing along)

Helena is coming along nicely! Still no morning light (I think I have to wait 'til next year for that), so another flashy picture.
I've finished the bodice, put the sleeve stitches on holding yarn, and started the lace pattern. The lace pattern is easy, and it flies, but I've had to fix a few things due to my inattention (I blame Grimm and Once Upon a Time). Last night I ripped back a six stitch wide by five row deep section and reknit it...yarn-overs, k2togs, ssks and all!

I did a little work on Random Thoughts, and it was truly thrilling to be working on something that was NOT Chocolat!

Speaking of Chocolat, I finally got it ironed and took a photo. I suppose this is technically a Finished Object, but since it will turn right back into a WIP on Friday, when it should be parading as a FO, it's here:
I'm super-excited about this class! I can't believe I leave TOMORROW!!! And of course, I am not packed. But like I told my boss yesterday, I can always throw some underwear and a toothbrush in my suitcase and buy clothes there! Hmmm...sounds like a good excuse to go shopping. ;)

Don't forget my Fall knitting giveaway! There's a needlework one, too!

For more WIP Wednesday eye candy goodness, head over to Tami's Amis!


pinkundine said...

That sounds like a very impressive fix on your Helena - I still can't manage that - I have to rip out all the rows. Which may be why I tend to live with most of my mistakes ;)

Chocolat looks incredible, I can't get over how intricate it is. Hope the class is as awesome as it should be and that you have a fab time

Amy said...

I've really been enjoying Grimm and Once Upon a Time as well! I hope they do well and don't get cancelled.

Helena is beautiful! And I'm sorry you had to rip back so much of it :*(

Paula said...

Helena is looking lovely, and like it's nearing the finish line. Sorry to hear about the frogging, but sounds like you handled it like a champ. Now, I'm going to go back and oogle your needlework some more. It's pretty stunning stuff!

Florence said...

Nice! Can't wait to see the sweater finished and Chocolate looks great!

Jenny said...

The DT samples is sooo pretty. I get the urge to start a new DT seeing this, but I know that I will be flustered when I realize that I am back to more confetti than I normally enjoy... It does look seriously tempting, though!

Chocolate looks fantastic, but I can understand why you are glad to have it stitched up - I didn't realize tht it was that huge!
Have a wonderful time in class. Take soem pics to share with us when you get back home, please.

woolwoman said...

Hope you and T have an awesome time at the Attic - better take your clothes because you'll be spending ALL your money on "toys at the Attic" Cheers Mel

Unknown said...

LOVE the lace on Helena. Very pretty! Sorry you had to rip back so much, that can be so frustrating.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm loving OUAT but I've missed Grimm.

All of your WIPs are gorgeous! And I can't wait to see Chocolat finished. Maybe Monday? :)

Calophi said...

Your embroidery is amazing! I'm always in awe of it when you post. I can make little X's on a grid, but there's no way I can do what you can do with a needle and thread!

Anonymous said...

Ur X stitches are awesome.

Unknown said...

I need to make helena for my granddaughter. I loveyour chocolat.

Delusional Knitter said...

I find most times its the easiest lace patterns that get me! I'm liking Grimm so far. Going to check out Once Upon a Time tonight.

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