Monday, November 28, 2011

The Geekend That Was, 11/27

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Loooong weekend. I love it! We spent Thanksgiving with my parents, which is usually a big to-do, but my three sisters were all elsewhere. So, my parents just took Michael and I out for dinner to their local club, which had a fabulous buffet. I was ready to leap into the middle of the sweet potato casserole they had and eat my way out. The bad news: THIS MEANS NO LEFTOVERS. *sob!*

That night, Michael attempted to get us Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2 for $15 at Wal-mart. After two hours, the manager finally said they hadn't gotten any Xbox games in at that location and refused to sell the ones already on the shelf for the lower price. I had a friend tell me today that his Wal-mart DID sell the ones off the rack for the advertised price. So, there is a strongly worded letter in my future and we won't be patronizing Wal-mart next year. I did manage to score Assassin's Creed II for ten smackers on Amazon, and some clothes at Anthropologie (but that was on Wednesday). It didn't feel worth it to try to brave the crowds for the 50% off sale prices, but even at 25% off, I got $546 (original price) of clothes for $112!

Friday we spent the afternoon at Michael's parents playing Settlers of Catan, eating crazy good cake, and wrapped the evening up with Christmas Cantina at the Aurora Theater. If a show that combines rock-n-roll tricycle-riding, a heartwarming military tribute and giant men in pink bunny suits sounds like your kind of thing, check it out! (It was definitely our kind of thing. I never, Never, NEVER thought I would see Triplets, from The Band Wagon, performed in real life. But there it was. Hit this link if you've never seen it. Triplets cannot be explained; it can only be experienced. And yes, that really IS Fred Astaire.)

Saturday...let's not talk about any football that may or may not have happened on Saturday and talk about us seeing The Muppets Saturday night. Definitely good; definitely some belly laughs...and NPH (Neil Patrick Harris, donchaknow?) had the best line of the movie.

Sunday both Michael and I had massive headaches (impending sinus infection, anyone?) which did nothing to make our mandatory nursery duty at church any more enjoyabletolerable. For me, it's kind of like being locked in a room with small aliens for a couple hours. What are they DOING? What do they WANT?!? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST TELL ME??!?!????


We spent the rest of the day belatedly watching the parade, trying to make our heads stop hurting by consuming chocolate (maybe that was just me), and finishing up Clone Wars season 3 (excellent).

In closing, allow me to share this very inspiring comment left on my last post:
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So say we all.

Tryptophan-induced nonsense!


Nic said...

Hehehe, I loved how you ended this so much it wiped the rest of the post out of my mind :)

Except the sinys infection. Yuck! Hope you guys are better soon. Keep up the chocolate - good medicine :)

Unknown said...

NPH's line made me laugh so loud that people we're turning to stare at me in the theater.

Aimee said...

I've been quoting NPH's line all weekend. We saw it Thursday morning.

Next time, please let me know about the Anthro sale! I've never tried their clothes, but I should fit into them beautifully by next year!

So, SO glad you enjoyed the Christmas Canteen! Did you know that the writer & lead, Brandon, is Jason's best friend from high school? Please tell people to go see it!

cucki said...

lol..i love this post..i hope you feel better soon..
chocolates..any time..
hugs for you xx

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