Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Giveaway Winners!

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I had the wonder-husband draw names from a ruffly bowl! First, for the knitting goodies:
The winner is...
Mostly Nerdy Creations! (My online imaginary friend. =)

And for the needlework goodies:
The winner is...

Congratulations, ladies! Please email me at heather at lottloft dot com with your mailing address so I can get your goodies to you while it's still Fall. ;)

I hope my new followers will stick around now that the giveaway is over. And maybe join me for Theme-a-licious 2012?


Peggy said...

Thank you, Heather, for your generous giveaway. I have emailed you privately with my mailing address.

Unknown said...

SNAP! I can't believe I won! Thanks for emailing me. I just got back to town from a fam thing and this was the BEST way to be welcomed back. Ok, Ok, I guess I should say something sappy like "a hug from my husband was the best welcome back," but you and I both know it was the yarn.

- the imaginary friend

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